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New WWE Tag Team and Their Mascot Debut on Tonight’s RAW

– The tag team of Los Matadores, formerly known as Primo and Epico, made their debut on tonight’s WWE RAW. Their new names are Fernando and Diego. Their bull mascot, El Torito, is a mini wrestler from Mexico formerly known as Mascarita Dorada.

They defeated Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal.

  • Jeff N

    they looked like the ninja turtles

  • Indy Wrestling 101

    If you don’t like this gimmick, something is wrong. The entrance was great, the ring work was fun and energetic ( something Epico and Primo were lacking), and it’s only been one three minute squash match. Don’t try and kill it before it even takes off

  • Los_Doritos

    They suck, they made no impact, and in less than 3 months, they will be jobbing to 3MB and Tons of Funk.

  • ………great. A) Bullfighting has been illegal in PR for decades. B) Great move, giving these guys “new names” and making them fake “Mexican” wrestlers. C) This is seriously almost as bad as slapping Chavo with the “Kerwin White” gimmick………..

  • frank rizzo

    wtf was that crap sum boarder hopers n a Halloween mask?

  • Indy Wrestling 101

    Los_Doritos cause its definitely Hornswoggle, like the article says? And Primo and Epico are 11? Huh, didn’t know.


  • Los_Doritos

    I thought at first they were to appeal to Latino Americans, when I realized they are really mocking Latino Americans to appeal to Gay Americans who want to watch a couple 11 year old boys wearing pink, hanging out with Hornswoggle.