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WWE Takes A Look Back At Giant Gonzales, Big Show Video Interview, Mick Foley

– The tallest wrestler in history, Giant Gonzales, is the latest addition to the official WWE website’s Alumni section. WWE says of the late grappler, “No Superstar in sports-entertainment history was as immense as Giant Gonzales. Not The Great Khali. Not Big Show. Not even the legendary Andre the Giant. All men stood in the shadow of the 8-foot monster from the wilds of Argentina.”

– Big Show spoke to Sports Illustrated this week to promote THQ’s WWE ’13 video game and answered a number of pop culture and wrestling questions. Among things learned is that Big Show has Katy Perry’s “Firework” on his iPod.


– WWE is filming Mick Foley today. He tweeted this afternoon, “Anxiously awaiting the arrival of @WWE crew, to film a feature on my year-round Christmas room. I feel like a 7 year-old on Christmas Eve..instead of a 47 year-old on October 25th..which is what I am. Wow, a 47 year-old guy in a year-round Christmas room…sounds like a loser. #OnlyTwoMonthsUntilChristmasBrother.”

  • Dave

    Only man I have ever seen get booked to squash Sid Vicious. WCW were really high on him for a while.
    But that muscle suit they gave him in WWF was ridiculous.

  • Stevie P

    Only reason why Giant Gonzales became a wrestler in the first place was because he couldn’t play basketball on the team Ted Turner owned. He couldn’t wrestle either. Worse than Khali and that’s saying something.