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WWE Releases Expected Soon, WrestleMania XXIX Tickets, Del Rio At FCW

— With WrestleMania XXVIII in the books and new talent being promoted to the main roster, there’s a lot of talk that WWE’s annual talent purge will occur “sooner than later.” This week alone saw the debut of six new talents, and according to Jim Ross, many more wrestlers from Florida Championship Wrestling will likely be introduced in the coming weeks.

— Tickets for WrestleMania XXIX are expected to be released in November. The event takes place April 7, 2013 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

— Alberto Del Rio appears for Florida Championship Wrestling tonight in Punta Gorda, Florida as he will be signing autographs prior to the show. Details are available here.

— WWE has no live events scheduled for this weekend.


  • Little Jimmy

    *Looks at Kamala’s Foot’s comments* *Looks both Ways, scratches head* DAMN!

  • cyndi

    With the Layla thing she has been working in FCW a week before Wrestlemania and she and Eve did a flash mob at Axxcess and they “planning” a storyline fued between Eve and Layla

  • SYM

    @JohnCena33 Oh yea my Fault I forgot he is a Genius!

  • Ant

    @xx..u obviously dont no anything cuz they had planned on doing something else with the miz for wrestlemania meaning mcintyre wouldve been on team johnny anyways leaving another spot open but u wouldnt know that would u bottom line is drew is a good wrestler hes just been put into a jobbers position for whatever reason but triple h likes him so i dont think hes gonna get released anytime soon cuz him and sheamus came up at the same time and look where sheamus is at now therefore i see drew sticking around

  • adam

    I think zeke has a good chance of getting fired because he is a waste of space and i think wwe finally will realize that i mean how long can someone do just three moves and keep his job. He will be gone. I also think jtg will be realsed its a shame they fired shad because cryme tyme was a entertaining tag team but he can join his partner on the unemployment line. I’d like to see hornswoggle get fired but thats not going to happen because vince likes the midget for some reason. Evan i think is done just because they were about to bring him back and push him to the us title then he broke his foot so i think he is as good as done. For the final realses i say khali and maybe a FCW wrestler or 2

  • JK

    I’ll go with:

    –Alex Riley
    –Trent Barreta (Shame but they seem content not giving him enough tv time)
    –Ezekiel Jackson (I want him to succeed but just seems stagnant with improvement)
    –JTG (shame as I enjoy him)
    –Evan Bourne
    –Derrick Bateman (like him but this is my ‘surprise WTF pick)
    –Bryon Saxton (which would make me cranky but he’s been tolling around in FCW for way too long and hasn’t capitalized on his couple runs on NXT……would love to see him get a decent push and gimmick to see what he could do)

    Wrestlers that may go that I’ll be pissed if it happens:

    –Curt Hawkins (hopefully helping the Rock get back in ring shape will keep him safe…they need to utilize him as he’s a great talent)
    –Johnny Curtis (I know many don’t like him but I enjoy his gimmick as it’s something we haven’t seen in a while. He’s entertaining with the “weird” comments and messing things up when trying to help Maxine)
    –Jinder Mahal (Think he’s safe but probably deserves to go. I see something in him but maybe they need to send him back to FCW for 6-8 months and give him a final run (fire him then if he doesn’t improve)

    Who should go but probably won’t:

    –Alicia Fox
    –Roas Mendes
    –Mason Ryan
    –Drew McIntyre (Just not a fan…..he could come around but I’ve hated pretty much everything he has done up to this point)
    –Yoshi Tatsu

  • JohnCena33

    You went to far on harrasing heyfit. He is right about most things ya know.

  • SYM

    @heyfit STFU. You was probably born in 2000 ya No Good Son of a B*TCH BASTARD!

  • heyfit

    I hope they fire Brick Lesnar.
    He sucks & is overrated.

    He was only good because KURT ANGLE and CHRIS BENOIT made him look good in the ring.

  • TheAlmightyMitch

    @xXFindleyxX Maxine probably won’t go since she kills it on NXT.

  • JohnCena33

    Kamala vs hornswaggle and socko in a handicap match

  • Ant

    and drew mcintyres feud with john morrison was a cool lil feud and obviously drew fans interest thats why hes a former intercontental champion and former wwe tag team champion

  • Chris

    I know Abraham Washington is looking to be Mark Henry’s manager, but what’s he done in the last two years??

  • JohnCena33

    get rid of rock, brock, and all the other dick suckers

  • JohnCena33

    Kamala doesn’t have good foot work to be in a wwe legends contract. He lost his step. 🙂

  • Ant

    @xx..see thats how i know youre a dumb prick who dosent know what hes talking about THE MIZ replaced christian in that match storyline wise teddy long fired mcintyre so of course he would be on the opposing team dumb ass and christian wasnt injured his ankle just wasnt a hundred percent

  • heyfit

    Coffee Kingston will be fired soon.

  • Valo487

    Drew was held back storyline wise? When? When he got the IC title despite never having an entertaining match? When he was featured as the next big deal on Smackdown for months? If anything is holding him back, it’s his lack of ability or desire to give what it takes to maintain that push. He’s holding himself back, no one else.

    As for bringing guys up, it’s time for Seth Rollins to make his debut. The former Tyler Black is incredibly talented, and could be a real asset to the main roster.

  • SYM

    YAAAAAAAAAS! @Kamala’s Foot X-Men 4: Mutants in the Hood. Starring Kamala as Professor X, Wesley Snipes as Wolverine, Stevie Wonder as Cyclops, My baby Momma Laqusha as Storm, and as Magneto…..Joseph Kony!

  • pulgeezy

    it’s seems the rock was thefirst on the chopping block cause he went straight to alumni ha ha…chill out get your fingers out of your butts I was only joking. They better relase jtg guy botches when he is trying not to. And mason ryan gets lost wrestling plus he is no batista.

  • Ant

    @xx…youre a moron for saying drew mcintyres gonna released dude was just on the wrestlemania card and hes got potential its just hes been held back storyline wise but mcintyre could easily be a top midcarder

  • These are the ones to get released
    1. JTG
    2. Trent Barretta
    3. Jinder Mahal
    4. Evan Bourne
    5. Heath Slater
    6. Hunico
    7. Camacho
    8. The Usos
    Michael Mcguillicutty

  • poko

    The way Alex Riley got squashed the other day makes me wonder about him. Some of the guys who should go probably won’t, and some of the most promising guys will likely be let go because the WWE isn’t willing to give them time to develop their characters.

  • KpNuttzLol

    I wouldn’t expect DiBiase or Layla to get released. DiBiase is starting to get over more with the fans and Layla is close to returning this year.

    I think: JTG, Alex Riley, Jinder Mahal, Skip Sheffield, Husky Harris, Yoshi Tatsu are at the highest risk since there really isn’t all that much going for them. I wouldn’t be suprised for Vince to show no sympathy to Bourne as well.

  • Dirtsheet Danny

    I feel like there is always a post about ‘releases coming soon’

  • daniel schein

    Mason Ryan has a long way to go, but he’s someone WWE see’s as a potential main eventer in a few years. JTG will surely be released, Ezekiel could go because he has yet to break out, and they have two other potential muscle freak stars in Ryback and Mason. Jinder is as generic as they come, but WWE seems to want a back up Indian superstar, since Khali’s future is always in doubt. Trent is a talented guy and only 25, but is likely to go since he just hasn’t been utilized since they foolishly broke up his team with Caylen Croft. Yoshi is one of their only Japanese superstars, and I don’t see a purpose in replacing him for someone to end up in the exact same spot…..unless they land a world class worker like a Tajiri. Layla lost her spot when she got injured and Mccool left, but she’s pretty well liked I hear. Ted Dibiase hasn’t realized his full potential yet, but I highly doubt they’ll cut him as he’s a good worker, and still has a shot at making it to the next level. Khali isn’t going anywhere until he retires. JTG is a sure fire bet to be let go, and sadly Trent probably is as well. Jinder is generic and easily replaceable, but he fills a role.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @Snark Mark

    I don’t think Layla’s gonna be released, they haven’t been able to use her since she had that serious injury.

  • BigSexy

    release john laurinaitus

  • SYM

    Ok Kamala’s foot is in my Fav 5.

  • Snark Mark

    Picks for releases: Evan Bourne, Ezekiel Jackson, Jindar Mahal, JTG(damn shame), Layla, Mason Ryan, Ted Dibase, Trent Baretta, Yoshi Tatsu. Mostly good guys and solid worker, but I don’t think any of them has shown that they can carry a show. That said, the Great Khali should have been fired a hundred times over by now and hasn’t, so what do I know?

  • Best In The World

    evan bourne will be one of them

  • Bill

    I have a feeling guys like JTG, Jinder Mahal, etc. who are almost never on any WWE program will be released. At least guys like Hawkins, Reks, & McIntyre are almost always on NXT, Superstars, & even went to Wrestlemania.