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WWE Talent Wary Of Wrestling Ryback, McMahon Knockout Fallout, McCool

– Dave Meltzer stated Tuesday on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE has Ryback continuously facing independent wrestlers at televised events because their contracted talent are wary of wrestling him. Additional details were not disclosed.

– has posted a video of Michael McGillicutty, Tyson Kidd, Jack Swagger and Jerry Lawler reacting to Big Show knocking out Vince McMahon during the Chairman’s return to Raw SuperShow.

– Dean Ambrose’s dark match opponent at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Manchester, New Hampshire was fellow WWE developmental wrestler Big E Langston. Langston, who was billed from Manchester, beat Ambrose. Prior to the match, Ambrose cut a heel promo denouncing the city of Manchester.

– Former WWE Diva Michelle McCool is today’s featured star on

  • Stevie

    How about Ryback vs. Lesnar? Two meat heads going at it who both really can’t wrestle. That way if someone gets hurt, no one really cares.

  • Bill

    Hell yeah! People are REALLY scared of Ryback! Let’s see him kick more ass!

  • SYM

    LOL Wow they are in the Wrestling business. They need to Man up and Face The Ryback because Local Jobbers aren’t going to workout for long.

  • ant

    i find it funny how lil nerds are mad cuz the big bad Ryback has some muscles on him haha so by your definition of jacked up or roided up i guess that means from now on everytime i see a wrestler whos in good shape and whos a decent inring performer im just gonna hate on um just because i can

  • millerj26

    @ant Just so u know Ryback or ryan reeves has been wrestling in the wwe for yrs on the main roster and way back even when wwe used ovw as the silver back and he sucked then he was there with cody rhodes and sean spears who was 10000X better then ryback but since spears isnt a jacked up freak he gets let go and ryback who got let go like 4 or 5 yrs ago for roids is getting pushed, watch them give him a chance and watch him fail at every turn cause he sucks. He has sucked since day one and has had about 5 or 6 yrs to get better and has failed in every way, but yea lets give the juice head a chance to wast our time

  • thomas

    this man is so stupid just does not know to how wrestle seems like he has only move not good

  • chronoxiong

    Because they don’t believe he is the next Goldberg. Which is a good thing actually.

  • RPM

    yea give ryback a dancing gimmick and he can have a smackdown dance off with the funkasaurus

  • xXx

    maybe he’s too stiff.. isn’t this the initial problem with the funkasaurus?

  • kitkrock

    let’s not forget: Ryback injured Ricky the dragon setamboat, that’s why he could not compete at Summerslam in 2010.

  • ant

    i hate how people on this site talk sooo much shit about someone when they havent even had a real feud yet or gotten a decent push yet no instead people whine and speculate like stfu ryback was decent in the ring back when he was on nxt and hes only gotten better due to being in FCW for awhile before being brought back on tv so stfu before u speak because you marks no absolutely NOTHING about how good of athlete Ryback can really be in that ring

  • me

    I miss Michelle McCool. 🙁 <3

  • big black clock

    thats not what aka means….

  • hbk fan

    its the fact that hes squashing people on tv

  • Devil_Rising

    Gee let’s see, because he looks like he sucks in the ring, and is way too stiff? Aka unsafe to wrestle?

  • jerry

    he’s gonna hurt someone for real, and real bad the way he slams them. i wouldn’t wrestle him either. he’s a bust anyway, another no talent, no charisma, fat ass with no other gimmick other than “im a muscle head from high school and probably working as a bouncer, im strong and powerful, look at me!”

  • Devil_Rising Jr

    Saw it last nite – Ghost Punch. Guess the wind from the punch knocked him the Foook out

    ~Devil R ising’s son. Refers to his dad as “That old man sleeping in the basement & taking food.

  • straight-edge

    because he is good but sloppy and he is a very stiff wrestler. which in ways make it better.

  • Allen

    Probably because he hits so hard!

  • Buttercastle

    Nobody relevant wants to wrestle against Little Big Show.