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WWE Talents Expected Daniel Bryan To Return At The Royal Rumble PPV

There were some talents expecting Daniel Bryan to make his return at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night. As noted, Bryan has been out of action since early 2015 with a concussion. Bryan was cleared by the doctors at UCLA last week but has yet to be cleared by WWE and Dr. Joseph Maroon.

WWE told Bryan at one point that he was not going to be cleared and has been offered other jobs in the company.

Bryan then spoke with Vince McMahon to argue his case to get back in the ring. Vince said that he probably wouldn’t be cleared but didn’t say that’s 100 percent.


  • D2K

    No. They just don’t want an A+ class-action suit on their hands if Bryan goes down permanently on their watch.

  • Tokeman

    This is a damn shame.

  • Hasan

    No, that’s the thing, they actually DO NOT think that he’s a B+ player. They know he’s so over with the crowd that he’s gonna overshadow Reigns’ push and Reigns himself. They are willing to go to unimaginable heights to shove Reigns down our throats.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Screw you, Vince! I guess they really do think he’s a B+ player. Life imitating art.