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WWE Taping Two RAW Shows Tonight, Fan Incident with Jericho, More

– WWE will tape two episodes of RAW tonight at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, because of an upcoming international tour. No matches have been announced for the show but John Cena and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus and Nexus is being advertised locally.

– Former WWE star Snitsky was at the recent Ring of Honor TV tapings in Philadelphia. Snitsky was also recently seeking work in TNA, as noted before.

– A young boy threw his drink at Chris Jericho during a match against Evan Bourne at the WWE live event this weekend in Shreveport, Louisiana. Jericho stopped the match, got on the mic and demanded that the kid be removed from the arena. Security then escorted the boy and his father out of the building.

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  • erik

    what to you expect? i mean this is pg era where they have 1-12 year olds is their fan base. I mean the kid deserves to be ejected. My point is kids 1-6 years old should be doing there homework and not going to events. I didn’t go to my first wwe event untill i was 10 years old in 1993. So that is my point. i think wwe should go back to tv14 when they had teens adults and 50years old in crowd as fan base. you never saw any of these shit. when wwe waw tv14.

  • me

    i’d have done the exact same thing if i were jericho.

  • Dustin

    nWo era had drinks flying everywhere lol

  • Midnighthour

    Congrats to Jericho and the WWE.If a fan gets too carried away,then they better be ready for the consequences of their actions.I remember last year after a house show in Victoria(or Vancouver BC)Jericho was attacked by a mob of people outside the arena who actually believed that him and Shawn Micheals did indeed hate each other as they did inside the ring.Jericho fought back against the mob and yelled for the security to phone the cops.One woman was knocked to the ground by Jericho and you know what,the RCMP didn’t do a thing about it because they said that Jericho acted in self defense.If a fan can’t distinguish reality from fiction and tries to attack the one who plays heel,they better be ready for a reaction.It’s sports entertainment,not a sport!!!Good show WWE!!!

  • Trixie

    I think the kid (and father) should have known better. Jericho was totally in the right to be pissed off. You wouldn’t throw a drink at a musical personality at a concert or something without getting thrown out, too. Same rules apply here.

  • HeartBreakHill

    Is Chris Jericho gonna have to choke a *****???

  • nick

    RAW IS JERICHOOOOOOOOOOOO… he should of put the walls on the little kid

  • scooter

    okay anyone remember ecw when every fan in the building threw their chairs in the ring or wcw when hogan had trash thrown at him
    if these events never crossed the line then how did one drink being thrown cross the line? because its jericho so you all kiss his ass!

  • LAWW

    would you walk into an office and throw a drink at the man behind the desk? or throw a drink at a teacher while teaching a class?? wrestling is a job, just the same as anything else, how dare the kid throw a drink at a professional athlete while he is performing for the people!

  • Richter Belmont

    This has been another exciting episode of Jericho vs the Fans!!!

  • yac

    so let me get this straight, jericho got a kid (and his dad) kicked out of the arena? ……………. jericho = legend

  • me

    D’Lo Brown, who was giving Droz a Running Powerbomb, tripped over Droz’s baggy shirt that he had tied around his waist and it caused D’Lo Brown to botch the Powerbomb and fall on top of Droz with some force while Droz was upside down, and Droz fell on his head and basically demolished his entire neck.

  • me

    could of been a plan deal if not Chris Jericho is a cry baby omg a little kid threw something at me i m going to grab a mic and cry about it a grown adult having a fit just like a little child maybe they should of threw Jericho butt out instead are half you people right in the head think it’s right to bully a little kid

  • cenaWWE™

    ha my 4 yr old could throw a can into the ring he has an excellent throwing arm and he can punch really hard he has broken my nose and it hurt like hell!!

  • RaTeD R

    fantasic, wished id seen that.

  • Daniel

    how can the kid not know better? chances are he was old enough to know. besides…if nothing else it’s a great way to add heat to jericho’s character. make people hate you even more. it was the right thing, plus Jericho showed how good of an entertainer he is and took advantage of it to get an extra rise out of the crowd.

  • Jurry

    Jericho’s awesome.

  • Nailz

    Chris Jericho is an honest man. In all seriousness, you deserve to be THROWN out if you THROW something at a anyone regardless of age (Father’s responsibility and the kid should know better). A fan threw a drink in the ring, and because of it, D’Lo Brown tripped while powerbombing Droz and Droz is paralyzed for life because of it. You have to take safety in account as well. If an adult threw a drink at Jericho, he’d had every right to knock him out or get him kicked out of the building in my opinion.

  • Paton

    with Jericho here, just like his incident in Canada with that idiot crowd surrounding his car

  • king

    He had every right to have him thrown out.It could have been another Droz mistake.

  • CptCannabis

    I think the kid got off pretty easy. Let’s not forget what happens should you choose to actually get in the ring.

  • HeartBreakHill

    That’s great, but nowhere near as good as the time that old lady slapped CM Punk and told him he wasn’t Jesus. Lol

  • governor of connecticut

    look this is all about respect and alot of people seem to not have it anymore, im with jericho on this, that kid should had known that it is wrong to do it

  • kannon

    I would have called someone to pick my kid up and continued to watch. LOL!!!

  • jellyfish

    I think Jericho was in the right. He was in character even after the kid did what he did so Jericho played through with his character. A professional would only do that, great job Jericho.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    …..talking of ECW. The Dudleys used to cop an insane amount of abuse and thrown items in the original ECW – those were indeed good times.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    I wonder if that refers to things being thrown back too? Remember the ECW ONS with Cena vs. RVD? Cena’s shirt got thrown back at him countless times before he gave up…classic.

  • webofdeception

    you gotta imagine that Jericho is fed up with that kinda sh!t. he plays his character so well that people react that way, but still, even a little kid should know better, or at least his parents should. i was at wrestlemania 3 at 4 years old, and i wasnt even allowed to hold my drink outside of when it was empty. everyone has a breaking point, and he reached his

  • powerbombin midgets

    hahahahaa….he shoulda pressed charges too

  • Mordecai

    Yeah, I’d also have to agree with Jericho on this one. People need to learn not to throw drinks into the ring. Just look at what happened with Droz several years ago. Yeah Droz had a loose shirt on during the match, but someone threw a drink in the ring and it didnt help D-Lo when he went for the running powerslam causing him to botch the move on Droz.

  • Nobody

    I agree. Jericho may be a jerk given some things he’s done, but the kid deserved it.

    As for Zach, calm down, read the post thoroughly and then bitch when bitching is due. It didn’t say it was permanent. They’re pretaping next week’s Raw because they need to because of an overseas tour. Next time you wanna throw a fit, get the facts straight.

  • Mabry

    i think jericho did the right thing, ppl should allways respect the performers in any type of event, wether its football, theatrical plays or wrestling. Someone said it was sad that the dad was escorted out, i think that he should have thought his kid better.

  • Joe

    Jericho was totally in the right to do that. For one, it is announced prior to EVERY WWE show that if you throw anything you will be escorted out. Second, why wouldn’t Jericho get on the mic? It fits his character perfectly.

  • CC

    Jericho did nothing wrong. Nobody, not even a kid, should be allowed to throw things and get away with it. What lesson would it teach the kid if he thinks he can just get away with something like that?
    Of course, it could have been a plant anyway.

  • Spy

    What?! How is he a prick for getting a drink thrown on HIM? lol How that makes sense to you I’ll never know.
    He was right to throw the kid out, little dude has to learn sometime. Do wrong you get punished. He forfeited his right to wach after that.

  • Eric Nixon

    In all likelihood, the kid (and father) would have been kicked out anyway, Jericho was probably just going for cheap heat.

  • EtTuBrute

    I am siding with Jericho on this one. There is a line you should not cross when in the audience.

  • me

    i’d have done the same thing if i was jericho, kid doesn’t deserve to be there, rather unfair for his dad to be escorted out too, but what can you do

  • Rob

    I’ve been ring side for a wwe live event before. With the distance between the ring and the crowd either that kid is going to be a great baseball player or he wasn’t that young. no way could a 5 year old clear that distance and the ring ropes.

  • joe thunder

    these guys perform 200+ days a year for their audiences…they work their asses off to ENTERTAIN people. I blame the parent as much as the kid for not having the sense to stop the kid or to teach them in the first place that it’s wrong. kudos to jericho… people need to learn the meaning of RESPECT.

  • scooter

    I no longer like or respect jericho don’t get me wrong he’s great in the ring and on the mic but what a prick

  • dont ask

    lol too young? its the pg era

  • CiB

    Two points- kid throwing drinks is totally un called for. Even if the kid was as young as 5 he should know better. Plus if he’s to young not to know that throwing drinks is a bad idea, he’s to young to watch wrestling.

    Secondly- think of the heat that got!

  • Zach

    NOOO! One of the things I like about Raw is that it’s Live. Even though I’m starting to really like Smackdown again, I stopped watching it for years mainly because it wasn’t live. Oh well. Maybe Tonight’s is live and next week is taped? Only one taped show then.

  • Soulshroude

    What the flog… Jericho can get over it. To rob a young lad from entertainment like this is uncalled for. The youngster probably didn’t know any better.