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WWE Teaching Talents to Not Sell Their Loss, Funk at the WWE PC, Bellas & Make-A-Wish

– WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk recently worked as a guest instructor at the WWE Performance Center.

– As noted, The Bella Twins were in Los Angeles for a Make-A-Wish event on Wednesday. They were at The Wishing Well Winter Gala with the E! network, Kelly Osbourne and others. Here’s a photo:

Bellas at Wishing Well

– Regarding Eva Marie smiling and laughing on her way to the back after her elimination at WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, they are now teaching talents that if they are on the babyface side, when they leave the ring they should smile and engage the fans and play their character, not sell the loss.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Shawn OB


  • That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, wrestling wise, outside of “size matters”. If you don’t “sell the loss”, then that basically means wins and losses mean nothing, and if wins and losses mean nothing, then why the fuck should anyone bother watching?

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Cena never loses though

  • Will Henderson

    that’s pretty stupid and won’t work WWE, the babyface should not smile and no sell the loss if they were cheated out of a win by a heel. i bet they told AJ Lee to act like “Oh well, still Divas Champion” the other day where she sold her loss by looking like she was about to throw a fit until she got up and skip and acted like she won. but to be fair, AJ’s character is mentally insane, not a babyface even if they fans thinks she is a face in their eyes.

  • Scooter

    Not a snowballs chance in Hell this is true.
    Eva Marie is just fucking useless that’s all.

  • Clarence Black

    Tna and wwe is both horrible right now. Tna using old wwe story lines. Aj styles acting like he is cm punk from a few years ago. Its all getting old to me. Wwe pushes a guy that is knowen for letting personal problems effect him everytime he is on top. Like randy ortan. When guys that is carrying the company gets pushed to the side.

  • MajinTrunks

    How are you suppose to get sympathy as a Baby Face (which you need to get over in the first place) in that situation?

  • oppa

    Great. Now all of the faces have to act like John Cena.

  • kevin

    Lol what you mean its called tna

  • Clarence Black

    Way to lower the product even more. Dont know how you can be so low without hitting the bottom yet.