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WWE Teases Ryback vs. Big Show Match, History Of WWE Logos, The Bella Twins

– As Big Show sets his sights on capturing the World Heavyweight Championship from Sheamus at WWE Hell in a Cell, the official WWE website offered their suggestions for ten other things that The World’s Largest Athlete should look to conquer. This includes ending Ryback’s undefeated streak.

“Would [Ryback] still be demanding, “Feed me more!” if he was standing across the ring from the towering feast that is Big Show?” wrote Michael Burdick. “If the giant did take him on, rather than screaming “finish it,” Ryback’s undefeated streak might simply be finished.”

Other challenges suggested for Big Show include introducing the WMD to the boxing world, win the annual Royal Rumble Match, wrestle a bear, perform the 450 Splash, capture the WWE Tag Team Championship by himself, win the King of the Ring Tournament, enter a strongman competition, become a manager, and win Nathan’s annual Hot Dog Eating Competition in Brooklyn, New York. The full article is available here.

– The official WWE website has published a photo gallery chronicling the organization’s history of logos.

– The former Bella Twins, Nicole and Brianna, have been announced to appear at “Nuke the Fridge Con 2012,” which takes place Saturday, Nov. 10 at Frank & Son Collectible Show 19649 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, California 91748.

  • Dave

    The Big Show doing a 450 Splash would register on the Richter Scale.

  • paul s

    I like hearing about former wwe stars.

  • gorgeous girl

    who really cares what the former bella twins are doing after life after wwe dont think the wwe universe really cares life in the wwe goes on after wwe superstars leave the company

  • Robinson

    The Big Show doing a 450 splash would be redongculous