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WWE Teasing The Undertaker for October’s Vengeance Pay-Per-View

– Reader Jerry Nelson sent word that in the new WWE Magazine, the return of The Undertaker is being teased for WWE’s Vengeance pay-per-view on October 23rd from San Antonio, Texas.

The magazine’s preview reads like this:

“On October 23, Vengeance rises from the grave in the form of an all new Pay-Per-View. What better time and place for The Undertaker to make his return to a WWE ring. After all, it was a year and a day to the date that the Deadman lost a Buried Alive match against Kane with the help of the Nexus at the WWE Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View in 2010. The Phenom hasn’t come calling for revenge on that score (some streak got in the way), so if we were Kane or Wade Barrett, we would watch our backs come October, because if you happen to hear that ominous gong, you’ll know the bell tolls for thee.”

  • Psychomiklos

    @Ryan yeah they are pushing it ALOT!!Most people in Liverpool will go just to make it abigger even than the Manchester show!

  • Ryan

    Just saying but then im only thinking this dont know if you will all agree but WWE are really hyping the Liverpool shows over in the UK this november because its the first time they’ve ever broadcast from there, maybe adding Undertaker would be a selling point for UK fans to buy tickets….

  • shawn

    i hope Undertaker feuds with HHH when he comes back, which would lead to him have his WM 28 match with someone else.

  • venom


    It was clumsy Rey Mysterio that hurt him last year. I would like Undertaker to have a final run till Mania, then retire. Undertaker feuding with Barrett would be great. Barrett isn’t really doing much and that match would help his career.

  • CC

    @John. What do you mean “bury some young stars”?
    Firstly, Kane is hardly a young star, and secondly, even if they lose to him, as long as any upcoming star gets a good long match with plenty of offensive, then that can bloody well make them.

    Did defeating Orton at WM bury Ortons career for example?

    Any young wrestler in the WWE would fall over themselves to feud with Taker, and would be only too happy to lose to him as long as its not a squash match. And Taker rarely has squash matches these days when he does wrestle.

  • Ronni

    Bring back ‘In Your House’ PPV

  • rick

    This could be really good for Barrett. He should be getting pushed instead of bloody Mark Henry. Anybody should be getting pushed instead of Mark Henry.

  • CM Spunk

    Technically i guess they could be seen as mentioning it was an old PPV by the “rises from the grave” comment.. maybe.

  • Bill

    I’d like to see everyone expecting a deadman return against Barrett or Kane in a buried alive match, then all of a sudden, ABA Taker is back! But with his career winding down, I think that’s too late. Plus, why won’t WWE acknowledge that Vengance was a PPV before? Will they keep the same logo?

  • John

    That’s great. Have another over-hyped return for The Undertaker only to have him wrestle 2 or 3 matches, bury some young stars (no pun intended), get injured, and then return the same way. The cycle contiues.