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WWE Says ‘Technical Errors’ Occurred In Power to the People Voting Results

WWE released the following statement on their Twitter page Tuesday:

“Technical errors occurred in some of the voting results during Raw: Power to the People. Check with throughout the day for more.”

A subsequent statement has since been released on with the headline reading “Text Vote Screws Sin Cara.”

“WWE apologizes to the WWE Universe, Raw’s “Power to the People” voters, and especially Sin Cara and Evan Bourne. The match vote was skewed by a heavy backlog of votes from the Divas Title Match. More details on throughout the day.”

  • Matt

    i think its more of a case that wwe made money from the txt’s, everything else is irrelevant to them.

    all of the important matches (yeah, there prolly wasnt any) would have had the stips’ fixed prior, no matter what people voted for.

    the lower end stuff votes were prolly legit, thats why people were pissed about the bourne match etc…

    another thing, a triple threat is practically a no dq anyways, so why even have it as an option? 😛

  • KitKrock

    people actually voted???? really???

  • John Cheesa

    The thing is this: The Michael Cole dancing thing made no sense. What has been posted here is right–no one wants to see Cole dance (or even listen to him do “commentary”). It would have made much more sense to have Booker T in the ring doing the Spinnerooni for that segment (which, I suspect, is what the fans voted for in the first place).

  • venom

    I thought the show was good. Looks like WWE will save Bourne vs Sin Cara for Summer Slam.

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  • Matt

    the breaking point in the lie is that the backlog of votes holding it up were from the divas match 😀

  • Unique

    Bourne, and the commentators did seem very surprised when Ryan was announced….So did Swagger.

    The arm wrestle didnt surprise me…something a bit different for the kiddies….been a while since we have had one of them.

  • Mazdog

    I’m callin Shenanigans on the whole voting thing period. Who in there right mind would have voted for a stupid arm wrestling match. Or even Micheal Cole to dance. The whole thing was rigged from the start.

  • KpNuttzLol

    “Technical Error” = “Computer servers overloaded and phone lines down.”

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Am i the only one who noticed that wwe never really gave real options. it was a way to MAKE the people choose certain matches. a brown paper bag match?like everyone says the triple threat was already dq. They rigged the choices not the voting


    Jay EZ:”Mason Ryan may be getting the Ryder treatment” what did you smoke man, with all due respect but are you crazy?? how Mason ryan got any vote at all, nobody cares about him, no even the casual fans, nobody.

    Ok, you probably hate sin cara but there is no f*** way ryan won that poll, come on.

    The wwe is saying this “technical dificulties BS” only because al the frustration of the fans everywhere, the arena, twitter, facebook. did you read twitter last night?

    Jay EZ:”I never liked it when fans just buy everything WWE feeds them.” COME ON!! you are the one who actually belive that Mason ryan won that poll. yes, Mason Ryan.

  • Greg

    Sooo… they push an angle where the company is useless? Clever!

  • Stevie P

    If anyone believes any of the votes were legit, I laugh at you.

  • Jay EZ

    As R-Truth says, “the sheep” are just falling into WWE’s hands by believing their lie about Sin Cara getting screwed. The fans voted for Mason Ryan, there was no vote error. WWE is just doing to make one of their prodigies, Sin Cara, look good. WWE doesn’t always care about fan support for a wrestler. Look at Zack Ryder for an example. Mason Ryan may be getting the Ryder treatment. Either that or WWE is just protecting one of their chosen guys, Sin Cara.

    I never liked it when fans just buy everything WWE feeds them.

  • Fiji22

    Regardless of whether or not WWE actually took into account fans votes (if I had to bet on it, I’d say the entire gimmick is a work and that they didn’t)…They are acknowledging a “back log and error” so that they can set up the match for the upcoming PPV. WWE would never publicly acknowledge something like this unless it was part of a storyline.

  • Adrian

    Jeez, quit bitching people. Spudimus, No, they probably wouldn’t pick Batista jr or the Kurt Angle wannabe. Sin Cara was the best choice. And almost everyone I have seen has wanted to see Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara. And WWE is most likely going to make it happen, Don’t bitch guys, They are giving you what you want to see, damn.

    Ps. In the storyline, Sin Cara got screwed??? I’m thinking more of Evan Bourne got screwed in that situation. 😛

  • John

    You can call it what you want WWE, but at the end of the day its stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll BULLSHIT!

  • Stumpy

    Technical errors always occur when it comes to the big E listening to the fans. Technically speaking… they never listen anyway.

  • Jason

    Does anyone really belive that the votes had the votes,come on…

  • Tony A

    cara vs. bourne next week on RAW.

  • John Cheesa

    Mason Ryan is about as corny as Skidmarks from Tough Enough with the stupid facial expressions and the grunting.


    in the live chat poll of wwe Sin Cara got 90% and a trendng topic last night was #rigged and today #BourneVsSinCara

  • Will Henderson

    WWE rigged the vote up but they used “technical error” for the reason why Mason won the vote and match. the sheep are mad that Sin Cara didn’t win, but that was always WWE plan to push Mason more then Sin Cara on Raw. Mason is getting built to be a monster on his own, as it looks like the New Nexus finally will disband soon.


    Jay EZ you are crazy man, there is absolutely no way that the fans would have voted for mason ryan, at least swagger is more believable. but ryan?? come on dude, are you serious??

  • Jason

    Mason Ryan isnt entertaining who would honestly vote for him. Sin Cara would have won the vote and he should have won the vote he is way more exciting then New Batista

  • Jimbo

    Really? That’s the lame excuse they’re using for the “people” voting for Mason Ryan and an arm wrestling match?

    I mean…I knew WWE thinks we’re all stupid, but come on now….

  • simon07

    It could be setting up a feud between Sin Cara and Evan Bourne?

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @Jay EZ, You really thought the fans would have voted for generic Batista Jr. over Sin Cara or Jack Swagger???

  • Justin

    WWE looks really bad by doing this.

  • Jay EZ

    I call BS the fans really did vote for Mason Ryan. WWE just wanted to protect their latest prodigy, Sin Cara. Notice how nobody else got screwed by backlog votes for the rest of the show. I find it very believable that the fans voted for Mason Ryan. I don’t think Sin Cara has that many fans.

  • CC

    I think anyone with half a brain could work out that Ryan would not have won that vote, so to anyone watching it looked like a fix to just get their latest big guy over.

    Oh, and I also pity anyone who voted for the triple threat match stipulation “No DQ”. Firstly all three matches were no DQ matches. And secondly, a triple threat match is automatically a no DQ match anyway unless its specified that its an elimination match.
    Anyone voting for no DQ gets my pity because they are obviously too dumb to work it out.

  • Prince

    Did they really have to do this? Why not just let Cara wrestle Bourne? Really pointless angle.

  • Sean

    *calling bullshit*