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WWE Tells Goldust To Stop Tweeting?, Details On A.J.’s New Theme Song

— Goldust, who has posted over 30,000 messages on Twitter since last year, was apparently told by WWE officials to cease using the microblogging website earlier this week.

Bill Demott commented on the matter, writing, “It has been brought to my attention that Goldust has been kicked off twitter….now it’s gonna hit the #fan!!” He continued, “I want to know how to fix things for @wwegoldust but I am shocked that my #partner is missing.”

The account is still active, but has not been used since Sunday. In recent months he would publicly block users at a moment’s notice for asking trivial questions, or even no discernible reason.

— A.J. debuted a new theme song on last night’s episode of SmackDown prior to her match against Tamina. It is a production music song called Right Now. It was composed by Tyler Van Den Berg, who specializes in “girl next door” female vocals and catchy electropop.

A.J. was asked to give her thoughts on the song on Twitter. She wrote, “It reminds me of an anime opener so clearly I love it. Plus I really didn’t want some saucy sexy diva music. So not me.”

— Former WWE talent Mike Enos (a/k/a Blake Beverly) turns 48 years old today.

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  • Mannul

    A.J.’s entrance song is more annoying than the one Mickie James used in WWE.

  • shawn

    @AustinPowers if you think hes going to be in the hall of fame then you probably need to be in a padded room, or just wear a bicycle helmet. IMO

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Goldust is just an asshole. He blocks people for no reason and like Boomski stated, he whines about being popular. That would be like somebody getting mad after they have just won the lottery…

  • Boomski

    I actually had to take Goldust off my Twitter because he wouldn’t shut the fuck up. Always whining about not having so many fans, blah blah.

  • AustinPowers

    the new hall of fame inductee for 2012…Batista

  • Elizabeth

    I didn’t like her theme song either she should of use a “SAUCY SEXY DIVA SONG” instead now I hope she always loses so I don’t have to listen to it.

  • SusyRko

    I didn’t want Aj to win because I din’t want to hear that song again, uggh