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WWE Title Celebration on RAW?, Randy Orton’s Heel Turn, More

– WWE’s shop website is now selling John Cena’s new “Never Give Up” t-shirt, hat, headband, wristbands and pendant. They have them separately or altogether in a Holiday package for $59.99 that comes with a signed card. They also have a new Zack Ryder “Sssiiiccckkk” headband.

Cena’s new gear is being released to commemorate his 10th year in WWE.

– Randy Orton going for the punt kick in the Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler match at Survivor Series last night was part of the build to his upcoming heel turn.

– There has been talk of having a major celebration for WWE Champion CM Punk on tonight’s RAW as he celebrates 365 days with the strap. This isn’t confirmed but there were rumblings over the weekend of debuting the new WWE Title design soon.

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  • Tombstone

    @Matthew Carter
    I agree, They are making some exciting changes. Sadly tho there is no pleasing most of the IWC. The majority will continue to whine and bitch because that is the only way they are happy.

  • Bill

    With Miz teasing a face run, he could take Orton’s spot on Smackdown while he turns heel.

  • Nicholas

    You watch Randy Orton cost the Rock the WWE title at the Royal Rumble. The Rock vs Randy Orton is long over due. To 3rd genteration superstars at Wrestlmania. Randy Orton has not had a major match at WRrestlmania in the past 2 years. The heel turn will be a welcome to me. He sucks as a face.

  • Matthew Carter

    Also, Reigns debuting is good too. WWE is going in the right direction. Would like to see at least 8 matches, 9 at most on WWE SmackDown every Friday night instead of 5-6.

  • Matthew Carter

    Ziggler being the sole survivor/Mr. Money in the Bank, Miz is turning face, Orton is turning heel, Rollins and Ambrose have arrived, Tamina Snuka is in a top storyline, Ryback getting built strong, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel being used on a PPV,backstage brawls and chairs being used again we also had two good traditional SS matches,The Tag Team and Woman’s division is starting to get to the point it was at in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, a TV-14 rating, 9 to 10 matches on Monday Night Raw,(which I like the 3 hour long episodes) as of lately (last time that was the norm for Monday night wrestling was WCW Monday Nitro during the nWo days) and Punk has been champion for a full calendar year. I swear, when WWE gets it right, they get it right. I think all this is because Linda McMahon lost her bid for Senate and isn’t going to run anymore, and also because either Triple H and Stephanie are listening to the IWC, or Paul Heyman has been given creative control, or Heyman/Triple H/Stephanie are working together and are listening to the IWC. Either way, I’m very impressed.

  • TheSheepDog

    Tbh, had orton have stayed heel, i bet people would be bitching about how boring and stale he is, fair enough he is and has been blandy boreton as face, they should have turned him when he took christians belt after 2 days i think.Instant heat and the whole sabotaging a mans 20yr wait, blah blah, would have given orton instant credible heat.

  • DaveyH

    I think it’s more likely Cara will turn heel on Rey, kind of like an apprentice trying to over throw the master scenario. Would definitely be a great match up though I agree

  • Bentley

    I would LOVE to see Rey Mysterio turn heel on Sin Cara! Would be unexpected and be a great match up!

  • Prince

    Orton finally turning heel again. About damn time. Never should’ve turned face to begin with.

  • DaveyH

    Turn Orton heel, turn Barrett face. But keep Barrett’s character the same, he can still get over with the tough bare knuckle fighter badass image

  • hamad

    Orton is the perfect heel, is the only one that actually “wins” a match as a heel..

  • Jeff

    Behind Big Show, Randy Orton is the second most flip flopped heel/face person in WWE. Choose one or the other PLEASE.

  • poko

    I like Orton better as a heel but where does that leave the WWE with babyface characters? Looks like they’ll be seriously short. Someone else is going to need to be pushed up.

  • Stevie P

    Orton heel turn? Well it’s not Cena but I’m all for that.

  • Tombstone

    nun nun no, no, no, noooo, (pg fags wont get that ref). you dont let punk or any existing wwe star debut it! you have rock when he wins it, because yea, rock gets everything handed to him 🙂 his the boss son, he dont gota do shit accept one match to main event and win WM, and now title winning at RR from all his hard work fucking up that tough wwe star vin diesel in the squared circle of a camera lens.