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WWE Title Match Advertised for TLC, Randy Orton Reportedly Injured

– WWE ran ads in the Houston, Texas area last night during RAW that promoted a WWE Title match between The Miz and Randy Orton at the TLC pay-per-view on December 19th at the Toyota Center. WWE has not officially announced the match yet.

– Randy Orton’s injury suffered on last week’s RAW at the hands of Nexus is reportedly legit. Orton apparently displaced his kneecap after Husky Harris kicked him. Orton’s knee has been swollen and he’s been in some pain. Besides last night’s RAW and Sunday’s live event in Maryland, he isn’t expected to miss much time.

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  • Husky Harris is a fat f**k

    My Username says it all!

  • Clara711

    @ Truthiness The WWE doesn’t flaunt Husky’s heritage like they do with McGillicutty. Although saying that Alex Riley just got away with a DUI. Christmas is the season of goodwill!

  • CM Mark

    You can’t really bury a man who’s not even got started, I say push Husky, he’s different than the usual WWE superstar. I for one would like to see more of him. Let him join the SES…lol.

  • Truthiness

    There was a story last week about people being let in to the arena too early and seeing everyone rehearsing the main event, so it was going to go the way it went either way. The knee injury, if it is actually real, was just a coincidence.

    I doubt Husky Harris will be sent down to purgatory…I mean TNA, like Ken Anderson was, Husky has lineage in the business.

  • !?

    And people get on Mr. Anderson and Candice for being injury prone, jeesh. Husky is gonna get buried sooo hard lol.

  • nobody

    So, it just so happened that Orton displaced his kneecap and they improv’d the last segment? What were they going to do if Orton didn’t get injured, I wonder?

  • jacob

    Husky Harris is defintely getting buried. You know what happened to the last guy who “injured” Orton

  • Nick

    WWE has come to terms with the departure if Husky Harris.