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– A former WWE employee watched the first “Stand Up for WWE” campaign promotional video where it was noted that WWE employees voluntarily gathered to “Stand Up for WWE” and commented with the following.

“I can list 60 to 75 percent of the people in the video. God bless them,” the former employee stated. “It’s what you do to get ahead. I have no problem with them doing it.”

The source, however, was no so complementary to the campaign.

– WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts left a copy of the script for the Oct. 25 Raw lying on the ground at the evening’s taping in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which a fan snapped a photo of. A headline reading “Grin and Barrett” was prominently featured at the top of the page. The same headline was used for the company website’s recap of Raw.

TNA Wrestling also names their television episodes, though the title airs on television whereas WWE does not. Spike TV officials reportedly pushed the company to air episode titling.

See complete script from Raw episode last year ->

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • Sparky Plug

    @ Zach

    Knockouts and Diva’s both = crap. Neither can wresle worth a damn (with a few excpetions in each.) And in both the shittiest ones seem to get the pushes and tv time, example: beautiful people / lay cool. If they cant wrestle I dont want to see them in either. At the very most go back to making them managers ala Sensation Sherri. But I personally dont need them taking up what could be other actually talented wrestlers tv time just for the sole purpose of being eye candy. In the modern age where one can go on the internet from almost anywhere and find naked women in about 3 seconds with ease, I dont need Velvet Sky’s ass to entertain me.

  • Zach

    One thing is for sure.

    Knockouts > Divas

    Say what you want about the Women’s wrestling in general, I just get more excited for the Knockouts than I do the Divas. Maybe it’s just because I wanna see Velvet’s a.ss every week, but still. lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/howdaworldtwerks Twerks

    TNA is a mess. I really have enjoyed their show, but c’mon, no wrestling fan is gonna be fabricating grievances. And when people talk about WWE, its always in general. Raw is garbage right now, but Smackdown, I’d say at the very least I’d be suprised if most people didn’t think it was at least the most consistent show entertainment wise. Its not a clusterf@ck like IMpact, but still have at least 1-2 good matches a week (which is about what IMpact has nowadays if that) and its not as storyline heavy, but at least the ones they do aren’t totally stupid and shoved down your throat (cena/orton) As a wrestling FAN, I’d love NOTHING more than to have 3 high quality shows each week to watch, and PPVs that have you excited for the weekend to come, regardless of the company….and anyone who doesn’t, well, IS just a fanboy.

  • Zach


    You don’t need Reaction for everything to make sense. That’s not what Reaction is for. It lets you deeper inside the story lines and even builds it some more and to someone who just started regularly watching TNA like myself a few weeks ago, it helps. I’ve picked up on a lot of the story lines even without Reaction.

    And the reason why ratings are low is because wrestling just isn’t popular right now. WWE isn’t even pulling in good ratings. TNA started up 8 years ago and is doing well IMO for starting 8 years ago. Besides most WWE fans aren’t willing to try anything else and aren’t as in the know as they would have been maybe 10 years ago. They either settle for what WWE gives them or don’t watch.

  • venom

    BTW WWE is the place where they make stars. I hope TNA does something with Morgan and Kennedy, but some former WWE wash up will bury them.

  • CC

    So, this former employee, he can list names of some of the wrestlers.
    But why is he listing them?

  • J-J

    @ Zach: Watching Reaction may make sense of the story lines but how sad is it that TNA need another show you have to watch just so you can make sense of the story lines? Any extra TV time TNA get should be spend showcasing their wrestling talent.

    WWE may not be perfect (Let’s face it they get it horribly wrong sometimes) but at least you don’t need to watch another show to work out what’s going on. And not to pick a fight with the TNA fanboys (I am a fan of the wrestling on TNA BTW) if TNA were so much better, how come their ratings suck & people are still unaware of their existance?

  • Zach

    I agree with eff.

    You watch Reaction and everything makes sense. Tonight they basically summed up all the story lines. They all made sense and were all relevant to each other. Some were even tied in with others.

    WWE’s story lines are just sloppy. There’s no edge or excitement. No twists or builds. It’s just boring and there’s a lot of throwaway matches and promos. WWE needs to get back to wrestling and storylines because that’s not where they’re at right now.

  • Sparky Plug

    TNA also has probably the worst booking in the history of professional wrestling and thats saying something. I am the first to admit that WWE is probably worse now than it has ever been, but at least they know the basics and fundamentals of how to book a wrestling program. Thats why WWE makes the big bucks and TNA has to cut its budget to cover its loses. TNA will book a gimmick match between two guys and show it for free on impact and then expects you to pay to see them fight in a regular match at a PPV. And they have so many gimmick matches that it waters them down to the point where they are almost pointless (Classic Vince Russo booking). It makes no sense from a booking stand point and thats just one of sooo many booking problems they have. They dont explain half of what they do and whenever they do its usually a real stretch to say the least. They have the talent but no direction. And having an idiot president (yes im talking about you dixie) and major input from Bischoff / Hogan, creating WCW 2.0 is only going to make things worse.

  • erik

    @spudimusprime89 let’s see wwe has midget old guest hosts micheal cole talking to computer telling fans what gm has email him. Tna has tag team divison book right beer money generation me guns etc women divison with women who can wrestle victoria vs mickie feud and sarita heel turn. tna all way!

  • Jeff

    @ Both of you

    I like cookies

  • SpudimusPirme89


    that’s debatable

  • effmenow

    What was the point of mentioning TNA in this post?

    TNA is a better product than WWE.

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