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– Below is the new synopsis for WWE’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view which takes place on December 19th from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas:

Backbreaking Tables, 15-foot Ladders, and Chairs of hardened steel push WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs to the absolute limit. Don’t miss John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Rey Mysterio, and all your favorite WWE Superstars live on pay-per-view!

– Paul Bearer was backstage for last night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view in Miami but obviously not used.

– WWE sent several Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices to Google last week telling them to shut down several blogs on their Blogspot service that were planning to stream the Survivor Series pay-per-view last night. WWE had Google shut down almost 20 blogs this week.

  • Dann

    What’s the best stream website to use?
    I am always looking for one that has great quality but always find these crapy ones!

  • In Grind We Crust

    but I thought Cena got the boot? I’ve been had!

  • deva

    if wwe ppvs were worth the money like back in the day then I would pay, but as u can see from last night shocking ending, its not worth it. Wwe shut 2 streams I was watching, but still finished it on a 3rd one ahahahah

  • cenaWWE

    he gets a farewell address like every other jacka.ss plus he is about to film another movie

  • Kris

    I thought Cena,got fired, I know card subject to chenge,etc but still

  • CrazyDJ

    so cena will be there?
    i am curious to raw this night…


    I started to get worried there, thinking they might of shut down my site lol. Not gonna say what it is, but if you want to know then let me know.

  • cenaWWE

    well i watch streams for every ppv they cannot shut me down i own my site and u have to be a member and be invited to watch from my stream site!

  • Zach

    And I was still watching it with like 1500 other people.

    There will always be streams, but good effort on WWE’s part.

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