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- Jim Ross will be in attendance at Sunday’s WWE Bragging Rights pay-per-view.

- SmackDown Superstar Chris Masters is now on Twitter at @WWEmasterp. Masters is sporting a black eye from his match with MVP against Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes on Tuesday night that aired on Thursday’s WWE Superstars.

- The return of WWE’s Tough Enough was a hot topic backstage at Monday and Tuesday night’s WWE TV tapings. The feeling is that NXT will be no more once Tough Enough returns.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • JD

    WWE & their pg show really needs to go. This is still the time of attitude, morals & self respect took a backseat years ago. Go back to the attitude that is when the WWE was at it’s best I think. If & only if WWE keeps the pg thing going, within 10 years they will not be the #1 wrestling company anymore.

  • Frankie

    It’s going to be great for WWE to have Tough Enough back a.k.a. the reality show. NXT was great, but everybody knows it will not be there for long because of the fact that they are using WWE contracted wrestlers who are had already established character.

    Hopefully, Tough Enough will have independent wrestlers as participants. That is a challenge everybody would wanna watch. See if these indie wrestlers can take the worldwide spotlight known as the WWE.

  • Trixie

    @zach V– ECW always did pretty well in ratings?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!

    The ECW ratings is what got it kicked off the air you idiot!!!

  • Toadie

    Season 1 winners were Maven & Nidia… Season 2 was Jackie Gayda & Linda Miles (Linda managed the Basham Brothers)… Season 3 was Matt Cappotelli & John Morrison… Season 4 was done like the RAW Diva Search (only on Smackdown) with Daniel Puder winning…

    Some of the Non-winners were Chris Nowinski, Matt Morgan, Kenny King (from ROH) & Josh Matthews…

    The Tough Enough people are pretty hit & miss… But the talent found in some definitely makes the show worth it

  • El Dandy

    Morrison was one of the winners from TE3 along with Matt Cappotelli.
    Miz came second to Daniel Puder in the $1 Million Tough Enough which was shown as part of Smackdown and also featured Ryan Reeves AKA Skip Sheffield.

  • sandman

    the miz and morrison were not in season 1 FYI

  • KingSerious

    I don’t believe the Miz was in with Morrison in his season but instead in the final season, I could be wrong though. Melina was discovered at Tough Enough, as was Morrison, and TNA’s Matt Morgan who had to drop out with a knee injury when he was the front runner at around the first week mark. One of the Tough Enough winners had a life threatening brain tumor discovered after he won and couldn’t compete anymore his name was Matt Capenelli or something of that nature. Chris Nowitski was from Tough Enough and and didn’t have much of a career but was still on TV often at one point in time. Finally, Josh Matthews the NXT and backstage announcer was a finalist for Tough Enough season 1. I agree with the previous poster that if NXT was more like a reality show similar to Tough Enough it would have been more successful. For a little while I wondered why they didn’t have aspects of NXT where they had to live in a house together and the pro’s came by from time to time for advice for their guy, only they didn’t really live together and only had certain taped segments to set up feuds to make it more reality based and reestablish kayfabe.

  • Daniel Interlandi

    The Miz & Morrison were in season 1, they are doing ok

    Tough Enough was ok, NXT was flawed from the start

  • Midnighthour

    Tough Enough had to be the dumbest thing since the XFL.Don’t believe me?What happened to the previous winners?The last time I saw Season 1 winner Maven was on The Surreal Life with a transvestite and what happened to the last season’s winner Micheal Putter?He was in The Royal Rumble and never heard from again.I guess if you have the money to throw away like Vince does,then I guess you can do these dumb spin-offs from the WWE Wrestling itself.

  • zach V

    I think NXT could have worked or still could work if they made it as a 3rd brand like ECW was. If they do that NXT and ECW would be the exact same type of show just with a different name and then maybe ratings will rise again ebcause ECW always did pretty well in ratings

  • Ronald

    I think NXT could have worked if it were set up more like Tough Enough, a.k.a. an actual reality show. The truth is, most of the wrestlers in WWE (Rookies and Pros) have personalities. Interesting ones at that. To have seen a real, non-scripted interaction between, say, Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett in Season 1 of NXT, well, that would have been pretty cool. You know they hung out at times. But watching all these guys “in character” in front of a live audience, well, that was ‘fake reality’ and no one liked that. I just wonder, will the new Tough Enough actually bring in people who have little to no wrestling experience or might they use some guys from FCW?

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