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WWE Touts the Success of WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta

– WWE issued the following press release late last night after WrestleMania 27:

WrestleMania XXVII Breaks Records
April 3, 2011

ATLANTA, GA – April 3, 2011 – WWE® made history again as WrestleMania®, for the second consecutive year, became the highest grossing and most attended entertainment event in the host venue. WrestleMania XXVII grossed $6.6 million, with 71,617 in attendance. Fans from all 50 states and 30 countries were at the sold out event at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta tonight. The annual pop-culture extravaganza was broadcast around the world on pay-per-view in more than 100 countries and 20 languages.

The previous attendance record at the Georgia Dome for an entertainment event was set by The Backstreet Boys which attracted 65,658 fans on February 19, 2000. The U2 concert on October 6, 2009, which grossed $5.7 million, was the Georgia Dome’s highest grossing entertainment event until tonight.

“WrestleMania XXVII was an overwhelming success and one for the Atlanta history books. WWE would like to thank our public and private sector partners for helping to make WWE’s annual pop-culture extravaganza a memorable one,” said John P. Saboor, Senior Vice President of Special Events, WWE. “We now look forward to building on that success as we head to next year’s WrestleMania in Miami.”

WrestleMania XXVIII will take place on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL. Ticket information will be announced later this year.

  • Satan

    People are so idiotic i swear Edge vs Del Rio was a good match it had good psychology i’m sorry that some wrestling fans can’t appreciate a good wrestling psychology Cody vs Rey was decent they did good for their ability i was expecting worse Triple H vs Undertaker was good i liked the story they were telling Punk vs Orton was good as well it had great psychology Cena vs Miz well what can we say what did you expect from these 2 you can only be disappointed if you were expecting a 5 star that case you’re moronic the Rock confrontation made this awesome

  • TomC

    Taker v HHH was a ‘called in” match … Taker’s entrance was BORING as all hell. They both looked like something went wrong early on and they had to make it up as they went along – with one of them being so hurt that they had to call it with that lackluster ending.

    Cody v Rey was BORING

    Edge v Del Rio was semi-decent

    Cena v Miz = “called in.” No excitement whatsoever and COMPLETELY and UTTERLY predictable. It’s like it was written five minutes before they went on.

    Austin face to face w/ Rock WAS a cool moment … pity they had to cancel it out with the Rock meets Mae Young segment.

  • The Great One

    Cody vs rey was a good match
    edge vs ADR was a good match
    cena vs miz was a decent match
    taker vs HHH was an absolutely amazing match
    austin face to face with rock was a mark out moment

  • TomC


    Every single match looked like it was thrown together 30 minutes before they went on. It was a HUGE slap in the face to WWE fans. Vince McMahon and the entire WWE committee should be absolutely ASHAMED of themselves.

  • Chris

    You do know he was talking about the financial side of things right? Nothing below par about that

  • mark

    think most fans would disagree that Wrestlemania was below par vice president!!!