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WWE Trading Cards with Mat Pieces, ESPN Anchor Talks Cena Heel Turn

– ESPN SportsCenter’s Robert Flores joined Mister Saint Laurent and Konnan for this week’s episode of MLW Radio on Flores talked about a recent conversation he had with John Cena on a potential heel turn:

“I’ve talked to John Cena about this and he doesn’t really want to because he does so much charity work and I think he thinks it would affect that and maybe it would, but I would just love to see him turn heel. I see guys like Miz and David Otunga, guys that are ‘heels,’ still continue to be involved with the company’s charity initiatives, so obviously Cena is on a different level when compared to those guys, but just being selfish as a fan, I think it would be fascinating TV to see him just turn heel and see the reaction it would get.”

– Topps will be releasing a new WWE Heritage trading card series soon. Trish Stratus confirmed that she is part of the set via her official website. One of her cards features an actual piece of the ring canvas from WrestleMania 27 where she teamed with Snooki and John Morrison to defeat Dolph Ziggler, Layla and Michelle McCool. The new Heritage set is scheduled to be released in late November. Here is a photo of one of her cards:

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  • the joker

    Look at Hogan with his first run in Wwf(e). Never heel until NWO in WCW. Cena is the new Hogan of the PG kiddie gen.

  • poko

    Vince won’t turn him heel because of merchandising. It’s pretty much as simple as that. Kids move lots of product.

    With Punk turning, we’ve virtually assured that a Cena turn is a long, long time away.

  • Jimbo

    @Bill E. Bob

    Cena turning heel=Vince McMahon crying

  • Bill E. Bob

    Cena turning heel = little kids crying.