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WWE Translates Japanese Messages from Lord Tensai’s Second Teaser Video on RAW

– As seen on last night’s WWE RAW Supershow, WWE aired the second teaser video for the arrival of a new character – Lord Tensai, who is Matt “A-Train” Bloom.

Tensai appeared in the new video with an unnamed servant. WWE’s website posted the following translations of the Japanese phrases that were shown during the vignette:

“It was said he would find himself in a faraway land.”

“Lord Tensai will strike.”

“Lord Tensai draws near.”

“Lord Tensai approaches. Beware!”

  • sandman

    i sure hope he shaved his back for this wwe run

  • TheContinental


    They sold that Yokozuna was Japanese for years.

  • Cropsy

    at least he’s got a cool name.

  • Little Jimmy

    “Lord Tensai likes Money”
    “Lord Tensai Doesen’t eat Pork”
    “Lord Tensai Is Jewish”

  • Jon-Jon

    I like hwo this is going. He doesn’t necassarily have to be Japanese, they can just simply use his Japanese wrestling background as a reason for all the Japanese related mumbo-jumbo. Who knows, maybe they’ll actually reveal that he was A-Train, but he left and “found himself in a faraway land” in Japan.

  • XX

    @devil_rising because hes been in japan for the past 6 years

  • Devil_Rising

    Why do they try to pass off A-Train as a Japanese guy? Just saying.

  • untouchAblefa08

    The unnamed servant is FCW talent Sakamoto from DragongateUSA

  • ogitchida

    Lord Tensai to arrive at Wrestlemania….. Team Jonny for the win…

  • bloodstone

    some people need to learn to read

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    Lord Tensai has ring in cock

  • heyfit

    Lord Tensai, the return of Luke Gallows vs CM Punk.