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More on the WWE Tryouts in Mexico, Names Being Reported That Worked

– Regarding the recent WWE tryouts in Mexico, it’s being reported there that Dr. Wagner III, Hiji del LA Park and Bestia 666 were some of the stars who got tryouts. They are the sons of their famous fathers. Apparently they got the tryouts at the behest of Rey Mysterio, who is close to their fathers.

Brazilian wrestler Zumbi is also rumored to have worked a tryout. Word is that of the 7 CMLL guys who got tryouts on Sunday, one has been offered a deal but it’s unknown if they accepted or not.

Source: Kris Zellner

  • Starship Pain

    @The Continental

    I laughed at that too, but there are some “Jr” and “hijo del” and “II” wrestlers who are not related to the originals, they just buy the name or something like that… So, Bestia 666 is really the son of Damian, and not a false “hijo del”…

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Venom. I want you to get fired for brining in contraband for inmates!

  • The Continental

    “They are the sons of their famous fathers.”

    Really? Would have never guessed.

  • venom

    Middleton wants these guys to get fired.