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WWE Turns Truth Bump Into Chamber Angle, New Foley Project, Cena, Batista

– Former WWE Superstar Batista will be playing the role of “Diaz” in the new Riddick movie with Vin Diesel.

– has a story up about 12 year old Dylan Christian from Cleveland, Ohio. Dylan, who has had a total of 4 types of cancer, wants to meet his hero John Cena. The folks at FOX8 have contacted WWE and it looks like Dylan will meet Cena when WWE returns to Cleveland on March 12th for a RAW Supershow.

– Mick Foley is wrapping up work on a new children’s book. He wrote on Twitter that it should be in stores by December.

– WWE has turned R-Truth’s bad bump on Monday’s RAW into an angle for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. They have a new article up that calls Truth the most dangerous Superstar in the RAW Elimination Chamber match. They wrote:

“On Monday’s Raw SuperShow, R-Truth executed a high-risk slingshot somersault over the top rope onto The Miz, crashing to the ground ringside with brutal impact.

That dangerous maneuver – which, miraculously, did not result in serious injury – was a perfect distillation not only of Truth’s explosive athleticism, but of his gameness and reckless abandon in the squared circle. These remarkable qualities define him as a the wildest of wild-card Superstars, and could propel him to victory in the Raw Elimination Chamber Match.”

  • venom

    When R-truth took that nasty fall, he said “quack, quack” as he landed. I think The Miz will be the first one eliminated and Jericho will win.

  • r truth

    the truth has almost broken my neck cause miz couldent ctach me

  • Jaime5150

    Miz will be eliminated first by truth then kofi then Truth then Ziggler then punk and y2j wins wwe title

  • Good R-Truth

    Truth has the advantage coming into the match, He has Little Jimmy in his corner.

  • JIR

    I think the Raw EC entry order will be

  • xXFindleyXx

    Miz and R-Truth are in first, then Dolph and after that, Kofi. CM Punk comes out next and he completely cleans house. Kofi eliminates Miz, then Dolph eliminates R-Truth. Jericho refuses to leave the chamber while Punk, Ziggler and Kofi are involved in an exchange of high risk moves and Punk eliminates them both. Jericho comes out and hits the code breaker and Punk gets his rematch at WM28.

  • shawn

    is his brain any more scrambled? i doubt this, but i hope he becomes heel. anyways hes getting a push because of appreciation and relief of fear for any reason from VKM.


    @Mr. E
    Kofi should be eliminated before Truth

  • Mr. E

    Yall actually think Truth won’t outlast Kofi?

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    All his fall did was change his elimination number from 1 to 2 swapped places with the miz

  • Bawb

    After the “did not result in injury” statement, I expected a run-on sentence or parenthetical addendum like, “because Miz should be thanking his lucky fucking stars backstage and–” lol.

  • I’ve been in the danger zone

    He will be the first one out lol who want to bet him or miz