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WWE and UFC Speculation on Brock Lesnar’s Future and Recent Meeting with Dana White

– Sources in both WWE and UFC are skeptical about how bad the recent meeting between Dana White and Brock Lesnar really was. White said that the meeting was one of the worse he ever had with Lesnar and not part of a WWE angle but there are people on both sides who believe it was.

WWE sources almost universally believe that Lesnar has an iron-clad deal and there is no way he can fight for UFC until that contract expires after WrestleMania 29 in 2013. In UFC, people are insisting that Lesnar’s WWE deal is non-exclusive and that he and White were discussing a potential fight during their recent meeting.

Not everyone in UFC thinks Lesnar will fight with the feeling that even if his WWE contract allowed him to fight, his heart really isn’t into MMA and this is all some sort of ploy by Lesnar to increase his bargaining power or leverage with WWE.


  • Kaijudozero

    Umm Ryback isnt new, he was in wade barret’s group, “new nexus” look it up 2010, and who cares if wwe is STAGED (not fake!) obviously it always was and it still has many many fans and a couple D.bags on the internet commenting on it being fake wont change not 1 fan, not 1, if UFC is your preference then go watch UFC and stfu plz 😀

    p.s Take Brock Lesnar with you -.-

  • pklMMA

    euh….Are you wrestling fan for real?I mean…you’re not kidding abt it,right?
    And you’re all over 15y/o ???

  • ant

    his return still gives me chills tho i mean that crowd was on fire that night

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Notice how it was a kind of ‘shoot’ style match at Extreme Rules? Its probably because he has lost all his wrestling ablility. Face it…This is not the same Brock Lesnar from 8-9 years ago and i couldn’t care less about him.

  • Matt

    And Brock Lesnar is a whore. Fans love wrestling and when you know a guy hates the business he’s in, it doesn’t work. It’s great for a surprise pop but it’s short sighted. Any wrestling storyline is vested in the fact that these guys love what they do and they want to overcome something. Brock just wants to be an ass kicker? The “bad guy being bad just because he likes it” thing is about as uncreative as it gets. Brock sucks. Not the character of Brock, the actual person.

  • Matt

    On Ryback being main event status… The guy’s been around for like a month, so there’s no way you can judge him now. Some people dig him and some thing he’s a Goldberg wannabe. Bottom line, to soon to tell but there is potential because he has the LOOK of a main event guy. Anyone think Batista would be a Wrestlemania headliner when he was DEACON? When he was Reverend Devon’s bitch?

  • JSmooth

    @Devilish_Rising dude ryback is beast. Is a beast just plain beast why? look a at the potential dude has no power wrestler has ever been compared to Goldberg ever and if marketed right he could be bigger or atleast on the same level. Wwe needs impact players like that.

  • Devil_Rising

    @Big Black Clock

    Uh…..WHY would you ever want someone like Ryback to be “main event status”? For fuck’s sake.

  • SWAG


  • Notingham’s a work people. It’s all one big work/storyline. He’s commited for so few dates they need this to keep it alive somewhat.

  • SYM

    @CC I like that Idea. Continue to announce when Dumb shit from me is coming.

  • 1919dpg

    lesnar’s a prick.. you have enough money, fuck off and stop trying to make peoples lives in both wwe and ufc difficult.

  • bigdog

    ALL YOU WWE fans are idiots…you pay all that $ to watch FAKE shit, atleast MMA is real ( it also is becoming a joke), but for now it is better then the crap you talk about here, you see how long Brock lasted in MMA. Even though he got out after being ill, he still got his ass beat before he got sick so he went back to the FAKE WWE. Bitches.

  • Eddy

    But all of u were sucking his dick when he returned to raw
    he he he!

  • CC

    attn everyone: sometime soon SYM is gonna pop out and say some dumb shit again

  • blue4everd

    Ryback main eventing at WRESTLEMANIA??? Oh GAWD no!!!!!

  • SYM

    Lesnar should play the Hulk in the Next Avengers Movie.

  • yofits

    Brick Lesnar is a fat sack of crap who sold out on the fans yet you mindless sheep marked the hell out when he returned.


  • Mabry

    Brock needs to go, i dont want to see him main event WM29, or any other WWE event… he has no passion and no respect for this business. Ziggler and Rhodes need to move up the roster…

  • mark

    Does Brock really fit into the WWE PG product.

  • Maxwell

    Brock, don’t get gready, all the money you have and that 5 Million from WWE is enough..

  • big black clock

    Just get rid of Lesnar after WM29. He ain’t committed to the business, by then you’ll still have a lot of star power. I think everyone would rather pay to see Dwayne more than Brock and just have to make sure the creative team have Ziggler, Ryabck(hopefully) and Rhodes have main event status by then