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WWE to Unify Titles at Elimination Chamber Next Month?, More on the Live NXT Network Special

– As noted, WWE will air a live NXT special on February 27th on the WWE Network, in primetime and head-to-head with TNA’s Impact Wrestling. There will also likely be a big NXT pre-show that night also.

– A title unification match between WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose and WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston is likely for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view next month.


  • JohnCena33

    How about you stop lying now? No chance did they do those numbers, LIES! Give me a link for proof, they anywhere from 300000 to 400000 only because they were ALOT cheaper and the economy wad doing well.

  • millerj265

    I agree about Ambrose I just wish he defended the belt on every ppv since winning it and on raw or smackdown every few weeks. If he had then the unification match would mean a little more then its going to.

  • JAckh45

    World Champion. lets be honest… unless they simply drop on of the titles outright what else could they call it?

  • JAckh45

    Keeping the title on Ambrose is at least better than giving it to Kofi for the millionth time. only for him to lose it and then regain it again…

    Granted I’m with you about it being something. Having meaning again. The last time I feel like either of thous titles meant something was when JBL held the IC title for over a year. And when Cena changed the US title to the spinner.

  • D2K

    IMO, Smackdown hasn’t been the “better” show since the Ruthless Aggression era ended.

  • D2K

    Yes. We do need quality and not quantity. The same reasons why I don’t feel two mid-card titles are necessary is the same reason for not having two main event titles I think. If you want a lower mid-card title I would say bring in a TV title for that. I don’t think that is necessary. The IC strap was more than good enough for two decade with a mid-card pool of talent that was loaded with current and future WWE HOFers. Instead of having a lower mid-card move some of the mid-carder up to main event status. Having more people in that division can keep feuds fresh.

    If anything, having a deep pool of mid-card talent makes the IC title more prestigious. In many ways the IC title was more important than the WWF title back in the day because that was where the majority of the talent was so whoever was the champion really got over and was looked at almost equal to the WWF champ and that is saying a lot considering you had champions like Hogan, Warrior, Savage, Flair, Bret, and HBK.

    You also have to have those guys that are so over they don’t need a title. Right now the only guy in WWE that fits that mold is CM Punk although his stock is dropping. They need to get him in a major one-on-one feud pretty soon.

  • D2K

    I don’t have a problem with having a cruiser-weight title but only if they would do a cruiser-weight division properly which I seriously doubt that they would. Having the little guys kick off teh show like they did for Nitro would be a smart move, but again I don’t think they think like that.

  • D2K

    Survivor Series buy rates on Thanksgiving nigh/eve averaged 1.45 million with the first Survivor Series having 2.8 million. Last years show only had 150,000 buys………………


    Stop talking.

  • Might as well, they’ve treated both midcard belts as if they’re useless over the last few years anyway. When is the last time Ambrose even defended the US belt? Having two world titles, two midcard titles and two tag titles was awesome and made perfect sense…….back where there was actually two separate brands. I wish there still WAS two separate brands. But………..WWE “knows what’s best for business”, and what’s best for business is apparently having Raw be all there is, with Smackdown (once the best wrestling show on TV) relegated to a “C Show” status as a supplement to Raw on “SyFy”. So given all that……it makes no sense to still have two midcard belts when they don’t bother making either seem important anyway.

  • JohnCena33

    Survivor Series on thanksgiving night, LOL, people rather spend time with there family or watch football than watching a wrestling PPV, and no singles match on it at all? Ha, that would be horrible. Two big tag matches are good enough, not five or six.Easy answer to make WWE good, bring back brand split.
    WWE Titlle, USA Title, Internet Title on RAW, RAW would have a 30 man roster. On Smackdown have the World Title, IC Title, Cruiser Title with 30 man roster, tag and divas title would be on both shows. This somewhat similar concept worked during the true golden era of wrestling, 2001-2007 RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!

  • Shawn Bronald

    They just need to bring back the Cruiserweight Championship, in my opinion.
    WWE Title = Top of the Card
    IC = Midcard
    Cruiserweight = Well… smaller and high flying guys
    Tag Titles = Obvious.
    Divas Title = Very obvious.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    The only reason I like that both te US and IC titles are around, is bc I liked when they had the European and IC title. I think they should keep them, but just give the Us title to lower mid carders and somewhat as a light heavyweight title. Keep the IC for up and coming guys that may be future WHC. Even have guys like Jericho do IC programs with up and coming guys and then have guys like Evan Bourne and mysterio do Us title programs with lower mid rad guys. Just my opinion, but I do agree with what your saying, there were to many titles for to long, they do need to slow down and worry more about quality not quantity.

  • D2K

    I think it’s safe to say that the unified title will be called the WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship liked it used to be called (WWF) and actually says on the darned IC belt for crying out loud. Just like the new unified world titles are called the WWE World Heavyweight Championship like it used to be called (WWF). This is not rocket science folks. The brand extension is gone. There is no reason for all these extra belts. It’s time to make championships MEAN something again instead of a toy that you play around with for a little while.

    All this whining about it shows either a true lack of understanding of championships or the complaints of people that became fans during/post Attitude Era. The U.S. Title and World Heavyweight titles never belonged in WWE in the first place. Their history is with the NWA which Vince McMahon does NOT own. It’s about time he got rid of that and focused on the the “WWF” tradition.

    There only needs to be one championship division. A tag team belt, mid-card belt, and main event belt. They need to stop having so many title defenses on RAW and Smackdown too. Make a title match mean something. Make it a huge deal. Actually give value to the PPVs again. Why spend $50 bucks on a PPV when I can see the same matches the next night on RAW for free? Stupid. If the focus on building talent and making feuds that actually are believable that will make PPVs mean something again. Feuds need to END at Wrestlemania too.

    If WWE is going to pretend things are like the Federation years again with all this PG stuff then you might as well go all the way and make it exactly how it was in the Federation era and that is what it looks like is happening. You got rid of the brand split. Good. You are unifying titles. Good. You are pushing new young stars. Good. You are building up the tag-team division again. Good. You are bringing managers and valets back. Good.

    Now keep it going. Put Survivor Series back on Thanksgiving night and have ZERO singles matches. Put Money In The Bank back on the Wrestlemania card. Change the name of “The Main Event” to something else and bring back Saturday Night’s Main Event every three months. Keep title matches off RAW and Smackdown unless it is a special occasion and titles should almost NEVER change hands on TV unless you are going for shock value to push a new talent. Stuff like that I feel will add substance to the product and make people appreciate things a lot more.

    Also, stop going to these town that you know don’t care much about wrestling. Spend more time in areas were the crowds are hot. Makes the product look much better on TV to passer-by, advertisers, and more. I mean last week was the first time Jake “The Snake” Roberts set foot in a WWE ring in almost a decade. I think I could hear a spider crawling on the wall it was so quiet. The crowd sucked all night but that was ridiculous. You can’t have that anymore. So I think that even though the product is going through some transitional pains right now, I like the direction.

  • JohnCena33

    What a horrible idea.

  • Shawn Bronald

    …. and the *new* title will be called the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Loose Cannon

    It’s a half & half idea, maybe more of back to basics only having the intercontinental championship & cut the united states title, but if that’s gonna happen bring back the cruiserweight title….

  • millerj265

    And its going to mean 10 times less then the wwe/whc unification match, and so much less then those belts deserve given there rich history. With Big E is just starting to get some steam as IC champ and Ambrose jobbing out every time he’s in a singles match, plus Ambrose hasn’t even been allowed to defend the US title in months, he’s been champ for almost a yr and I honestly don’t think he’s defended the belt on tv and ppv more then 6 or 7 times.

  • Matthew Farrell

    So what are they going to call the winner? The United States Intercontinental Champion?

  • Myers 1031

    I am glad they are finally unifying the U.S. and Intercontinental Championships. The Intercontinental Championship is the only mid-card title they need.