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WWE Updates from Current Mexico Tour, Update on Kurrgan, WWE in KY

– WWE’s SmackDown will return to the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky on Tuesday, August 2nd. Tickets go on sale May 21st.

– Former WWE star Kurrgan appears in the new movie The Big Bang with Antonio Banderas and Snoop Dogg. He also will be starring in The Immortals with Mickey Rourke this coming November.

– Kharma has been attacking The Bella Twins at the RAW live events on the current tour of Mexico.

– While in Mexico, the ring announcer has been noting that Alberto Del Rio is the former Dos Caras Jr. to fans. Ricardo Rodriguez has not been doing Del Rio’s introductions on the current tour.

– It was noted by a fan at the show in Mexico City this weekend that at the concession stands, there wasn’t a single Alberto Del Rio t-shirt for sale but plenty of Sin Cara shirts.

  • Wrex


    Speaking as somebody who’s got one, I can say that he does.

  • Buttercastle

    Does he even have shirts? They should sell Alberto Del Rio scarves.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Does the mixican people boo del rio for removing his mask? Sin cara kept his but ADR didnt. In mexico its a great honor to wear a mask but its even more of an honor when a name is passed down with the mask which gives it a legacy. In some ways mexican fans could say ADR forsook his family legacy by removing his mask. so back to my original question, does a get booed in mexico

  • Blaine

    Have the presale passwords for the Lexington show been released yet?

  • Chris E.

    He was in 300, and Sherlock Holmes as well.

  • shawn

    i think ive seen kurrgan in an action movie. the expendables was it? wolverine? one of those ive seen in the theater. dont go much.