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- For what it’s worth, there is a rumor that the 2012 version of WWE’s SmackDown vs. RAW video game will feature a mode where you can have your newly created Superstar compete in NXT challenges and matches.

- As most everyone knows, The Undertaker defeated Triple H ten years ago at WrestleMania 17 back in 2001.

For their current WrestleMania 27 feud, officials have ordered that the WrestleMania 17 match not be brought up and acknowledged because there’s a feeling it will take away from the fans believing that Triple H can end the streak.

Source: F4Wonline.com


    @The Alex, yea you’re right he beat 17 people since he beat HBK and Kane twice, but he beat A-train and big show at the same time. He has won 18 matches at wrestlemania, but has beaten 17 people.

  • RAW GM

    God forbind somebody goes online and not point out Triple H was a victim of taker’s before…who doesn’t know the list of guys who tried to end the streak?

  • The Alex

    Whos da fuck believes that HHH will beat Taker? Besides everyone remembers the match at WM17

    @Reinvention he has beat Kane & HBK twice. SO, he has beaten 17 people so far.

  • Trixie

    nxt sucks, why would anyone want to play that in a game? i mean really wwe, come on.

  • Reinvention

    Actually, he has. He beat Big Show and Albert at WM19, so he has beaten 18 people total so far.

  • Will Henderson

    WWE revisionist history 101: ignore the fact that HHH and Taker had a match at WrestleMania and also ignore the fact that Kane and HBK wrestled taker a WM twice.

  • Vincent

    The Undertaker has not beaten 18 people at Wrestlemania. Why do they keep saying that?

  • Rich

    @buttercastle..but it would add insult to injury if he brought it up and triple h got mad and pedigreed him..that would add some built to the match cuz when triple h gets angry he’s at his best

  • Buttercastle

    @Rucdogg talk trash about ten years ago? Yeah that’s pretty intimidating considering Triple H has only been getting better since then while Undertaker has slowly but surely gotten older and less active each year. A rematch 10 years in the making: a man who is getting closer to being called the deadman literally vs the man who will one day chaperone the WWE.

  • Legend Killer

    The only people who don’t know about WM 17 are the little kids who happen to be WWE’s target audience. It really annoys me to hear Taker say how the 18 before weren’t able to break it when HHH was one of them! Absolutely stupid. CC is right when he says it’s of no importance, but to completely disregard it is a joke.

  • peep it

    There are somethings you just do go fucking with. And the streak will live on. He already lost once to taker. It not like hell win. Im telling you, HBK will some how pop up in this so the streak lives on.

  • diddy


  • Rucdogg

    But yet they thought HBK could end the streak after getting his ass kicked the year before? That makes no sense, I think it would add to it that Taker could talk trash to HHH about whuppin his ass ten years ago. But again, I dont work there what the hell do I know

  • slim

    It’s probably for the kids. Most of the “WWE universe” were in diapers when the original match took place.

  • D-Generate

    If they were really “denying” it, it would have been taken out of the WrestleMania commemorative magazine and it wasn’t. But they did take out Chris Benoit’s matches. That’s “denying”. (I understand why they did, I’m just pointing it out)

  • CC

    To be fair, they are not denying it, just not mentioning it which is fair enough considering at the time HHH would have only had about 5 years under his belt, whereas now he is a veteran.
    It really wouldnt hurt the feud as essentially it help it by pointing out how much more experienced he is now, and the whole losing to Taker at Mania didnt hurt last years match with Taker vs Michaels.

    Not mentioning it is not denying it, its just not something thats of any real importance to the current match.

  • Dystre Fjell

    Very true, but you forgot WWE’s golden rule. We aren’t allowed to have memories dating back to more than 1 year or so. Look at Cena and Orton running around like pals when they tried to end each other’s career 2 years ago.

  • Simon

    Thats right, deny history for the sake of “belivability”. Im sure if anyone with even some common sense thought “Hmm, who are the people Taken beat to get to 18-0?” and looked it up would see HHH lost. Trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes? Nice one for believing in the fans Vince…

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