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WWE Has Video Removed Of Ryback Botching “Shell Shocked” On Paul Heyman

A fan-shot video of Ryback botching his finishing maneuver, “Shell Shocked,” on Paul Heyman at Sunday’s Raw live event in Hartford, Conn., has been removed from due to a third-party notification by WWE claiming copyright infringement.

Though filming is prohibited at WWE live events, the sports-entertainment organization rarely has footage shot at shows removed from video-sharing websites. However, this video gained viral attention after it drew the ire of similarly-styled wrestler, Bill Goldberg, on Twitter.

As the video showed, Ryback was unable to lift Heyman for “Shell Shocked,” even as the weighty manager tried his best to assist his leverage. The muscle-bound wrestler then improvised by performing a maneuver resembling Goldberg’s world-famous “Jackhammer.”

Goldberg, who said last week that comparisons between the two don’t bother him, tweeted in response to a fan pointing him to the video, “NOW comparisons offend me.”

The two-time World Heavyweight Champion then re-tweeted a message ridiculing the burgeoning star: “Ryback is to @Goldberg as the Renegade was to @UltimateWarrior. It’s silly.”

Sunday’s event was not Ryback’s first bungling of his signature move as he was also unable to hoist Tensai not once, but twice on Raw three weeks ago. However, it was heavily speculated online that Tensai intentionally undermined Ryback by not cooperating with his attempted throws.

  • paul s

    Fucking ridiculous. Cant perform a lifting finisher on someone like big show is fair enough, but heyman? And this guy is getting pushed over ziggler and Rhodes? This clumsy fool is supposed to beat the best in the world.? Delete the vid all u want wwe people wont forget

  • ashterk

    I noticed they removed the video. It was on my history looked yesterday it was gone. He probably was jus tired. Idk but then again he was able to lift Tensei after their match on SD.qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

  • Shay R.

    The dude above me is an r-tard.

  • Nigger Please

    My nigga ajs asshole is tight and brOwn

  • Soulshroude

    Not true… the preceding week, Ryback DID lift Tensai and DID execute the “Shell Shock” move in its entirety, thus completing the move on Tensai. Damned media!!

  • Tommy

    Like Goldberg never failed …. jeez..

  • misfit del rio

    Renegade to Warrior, godamn… goldberg actually made me laugh

  • adam

    People should stop making excuses for Ryback. They should change his finsher before one of his botches hurts somebody. Let him use the back pack stunner all he has to do is lift him for a samoan drop then shift postion its not as hard as trying to march around while someone is on your shoulders. That being said i understood him not being able to do it to tensai with how big tensai is. But if he cant pull it off on paul heymen then number one he shouldnt be in this match at hell in a cell and number two he does not deserve to be in the main event just have him go back to beaing jobbers every week its all he can actually do

  • Robinson

    Goldberg was just a different style of wrestler IMO. And I liked his perfect-mixed with the jackhammer, I personally think he should do that bc I don’t believe the shell lock is a “finisher”

  • DFlo

    “NOW comparisons offend me” LOL…that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard Goldberg say. I wish he was that funny when he was performing.

  • Nick

    I think the problem was that he did it at the end of a half hour match with CM Punk and was tried. He should do it at the beginning or before the match if they plan to have Ryback hit Heyman with the move at Hell in A Cell.