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WWE Says Vince McMahon Was Injured on RAW

– As seen on last night’s RAW, Brock Lesnar returned to WWE TV and attacked Vince McMahon, laying him out with a F-5.

WWE’s website announced that Vince suffered a broken pelvis. They posted this photo of Vince being taken away on a stretcher while Stephanie McMahon is with him:

Vince and Stephanie Backstage

  • Jason Lentini

    These days who knows but more than likely its kayfabe. Whats with Vince and things centering (pun intended) around his “grapefruits” area ? Kinda creepy …

  • Nick

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he got legit injured considering how old he is and shit but it’s probably just an angle to put over Lesnar as this big, mean, nasty, scary bad-ass. I mean, if he got legit hurt, I don’t think they would have taken a photo of him like that and then put it on their website unless it was kayfabe.

  • D2K

    So is this a kayfabe injury or did he actually get hurt. It looked like Brock planted him pretty good with that F-5. I was impressed with how Vince sold it.