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WWE Wanting The Rock to Wrestle at Survivor Series in November

– WWE officials are reportedly trying very hard to get The Rock to wrestle at the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

The original idea was for him to appear and do an angle but not wrestle until the match with John Cena at WrestleMania 28 but now they want him to wrestle in November. As noted before, there has also been discussion of doing a best of 3 series between the two.

Whether or not The Rock should wrestle or not at Survivor Series was a controversial topic of discussion within WWE this past week.


  • kenn

    they already rushed the Punk/HHH thing why do they want to rush the Rock’s return to the ring

  • venom

    I say have The Rock vs The Miz at Survivor Series.

  • The Great One

    nooooo, not at SS, i paid 2k for my mania ticket already cause its rocks return, save it for the big dance, dont throw it away.

  • someone who reads

    like a few people have said there is no mention of rock vs cena at SS.
    i think the best route would be rock against sum1 he has had a match with before and the angle could simply be rock needs to wrestle and who better than his friend. like a mutual respect match i dont know lol

  • someone

    They could have them tag team so they don’t wrestle each other but still have him wrestle..

  • Matt

    especially since he never won it. Remember, big show proved that his feet’s touched the ground first.

  • Prince

    I like the idea of him winning the Rumble. That would be sweet.

  • Prince

    Who ever said The Rock would wrestle Cena at Survivor Series? I don’t see anything wrong with him working a match at the show. I guess it depends on whether or not they think the anticipation is for Rock vs. Cena or just seeing Rock wrestle again.

  • I say have Team Bring It vs Cenation, Survivor Series Match, 5 on 5.

    & Simply have Rock or Cena get counted out, or DQ’ed, or something, so they are never in the ring together… but Rock still wrestles.

  • D2K

    Have to agree with Dave. Save it for the big dance. Rock can do a run-in or something at SS, but that’s it. I think they should have just kept things quiet and not made it so obvious. Would have been cool to see The Rock show up at random.

    Of course, if they want to sweeten this and they are desperate to get The Rock in the ring before Wrestlemania, they could always have him be a surprise entry into the Royal Rumble. Let him win that so he can challenge Cena for the WWE title (because you know Cena will have it.)

  • Edo. Risk

    Save it to WM. Keep the angle with anticipation. But bring Rock to the some shows.

  • bonerjams

    if people tuned in for survivor series would they still tune in to watch john cena vs the rock after they already seen the rock in action?

  • Dave

    No, save it for Wrestlemania. Use Survivor Series to build to the feud to something more substantial than “you wear purple and are lame” vs. “yah well you left eight years ago”.