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WWE Looks at Five Different Ways That WWE Will Be Different After Cena vs. Orton at TLC

– WWE’s website has a new article up looking at 5 ways that the Unified Title will change WWE after TLC. They are:

* The Royal Rumble Match will change
* The Intercontinental Title gets a boost
* Money in the Bank gets a shake-up
* The field of play gets tighter
* The best of the best is determined

Here’s what they wrote about the Rumble changing:

“This is a “gimme” in terms of sniffing out WWE’s paradigm shifts, to be sure. But it’s an important one. For years, The Road to WrestleMania has gone through the Royal Rumble Match and the Elimination Chamber, two of WWE’s most unpredictable contests, and two of its most rewarding for the Superstars who survive them. As recompense for defeating 29 opponents, the winner of the Rumble Match gets first dibs on the title they challenge for at the big dance; the right to contend for the other World Title goes to the Chamber winner (or, given the brutality of the last few years’ contests, whatever’s left of him). With one Undisputed Title, though, the system reverts to its original incarnation: The Rumble Match winner gets to challenge for the World Title. As a result, the WrestleMania main-event picture forms much earlier on, and the champion is put on notice almost the second he rings in the New Year. Whoever walks away with the Unified Title at WWE TLC isn’t exactly going to have a lot of down time on his hands to enjoy the victory.”

  • Alex

    i hope Money in the Bank goes back to Wrestlemania

  • JohnCena33

    WOW, looks like a article is actually right. With a Unified champion, more honor and prestige will be brought back to the IC title, there will be only one money in the bank match making it that much more important, and if a new comer wins the unified championship there career will be way more advanced than if they won the world heavyweight title.