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Former WWE Women’s Champion Says Eve Torres Should Stick To Modeling

Madusa, who brought the WWE Women’s Championship back to prominence in the 1990s, gave her thoughts on her former employer’s Vengeance pay-per-view event on Facebook.

The wrestler formerly known as Alundra Blayze commented on the Divas Championship bout between Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. She has high praise for “The Glamazon,” but not her opponent.

“Well I wish I would of met Beth during my days…she really needs some great talent to be able for her to shine…. as in my days this was my problem as well… again great talent, Beth and no one to wrestle…she’s believable,” she writes.

“Eve needs to keep modeling…awesome looking girl in the ring… should not be there.. just saying.”

Madusa adds that she would love to drop “the REAL WWE/WWF title” to Phoenix. “What a great match that would be,” she says.

Upon seeing Kevin Nash make a surprise appearance at Vengeance, the women’s wrestling great vented on her former colleague’s real-life character.

She wrote, “Something about Kevin Nash on WWE stinks……I bet if Stephanie had a twin he would be all up in that.. and no disrespect to steph….Nash always seems to hurt people… the ring and out…..

“and by the way…. that is just how the man brain thinks… you guys are too funny… but love ya guys… Nash is a very manipulative guy…he works his silver tongue to his advantage….he should of been a sit down comedian.. he’s good, and i have no grudges….. on any of my co workers…just experience.”

  • Robert Pentangelo

    Madusa was never my favorite by a long shot; she also seems to like to take shots at certain women wrestlers; she had heat with Luna Vachon, Sherri Martel, Bertha Faye, and the Magnificent Mimi. But she was a tough woman wrestler you have to give her that.

    I think that she used her position to be a bit more “over” against Bull Nakano in WWF and WCW than she deserved to be; to be fair, if it was not for Madusa, Bull would likely not have been invited back to WWF in 1994 or had the chance to be WWF women’s champion.

  • eric

    Madusa should return to WWE and team with Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

  • venom

    I think Eve and Kelly Kelly have both improved.

  • poko

    She is absolutely right. I’d call for the WWE to sign other talented female wrestlers, but it would be pointless, as they always end up underusing them and then releasing them. There are so many out there in the indies, but all they really want is to convert fitness models into “in-ring personalities”.

    They can’t even bring in any Japanese female wrestlers. Those girls don’t play, and most of the current Diva roster aren’t good enough to even defend themselves against the hard strikes the Japanese favor.

  • Madusa is a legend, probably the best woman wrestler i have ever seen period.

  • Shockmaster

    If Madusa Blayze holds no grudges, why is she venting so much?

  • really

    I wonder if Vince still holds a grudge for her tossing the belt into the garbage. It wasn’t totally her fault be still.

  • ##

    Madusa was the S**t. Eve should do porn though…..

  • Devil_Rising

    You fangirls of Eve and Kelly Kelly etc. (the NON-wrestler Divas), need to sit down and shut up.

    Madusa/Alundra Blayze was one of the greatest women wrestlers of all time. She was a former AWA Women’s Champ, a Japanese Women’s Champ, WWF Women’s Champ 3 times, and even WCW Cruiserweight Champ. She was so good, the WWF brought the Womens’ Title back JUST to build it around her. And they actually let her wrestle, and have great matches. Bull Nakano wasn’t her only “challenge”, but she did have great matches with her. Madusa puts most of the modern “divas” to shame. She can say anything she wants about Eve, and honestly, I wish she’d come out of retirement just to come back and win the “Divas” title.

    BTW, I think it’s awesome she pointed out that she held the “REAL Women’s Championship”, not the silly looking Divas belt.

  • Jbrd

    “Madusa needs to stick to whatever it is she’s doing now…she’s never had a good match herself.”

    WtF?…Apparently you’ve never seen her wrestle..Her matches with Bull Nakano were epic.

  • Jimbo

    lolomgwtf madusa thought she was dead.

  • Tom R.

    Madusa needs to stick to whatever it is she’s doing now…she’s never had a good match herself. Just because she’s held belts in every fed she worked for doesn’t mean she was good. She was the ‘pretty face’ of her time…that’s why she always was the face against larger women heels.

  • philly655

    alundra blaze v glamazon = *giggles… sorry i mean Money *cant helpbut giggle*…. nah seriously, blaze WAS good but had no one to truly put up an even fight… bull nakano only challenger of particular merit that i remember