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WWE working on big creative changes for upcoming Raw episode


As we noted before WWE has removed Roman Reigns from the upcoming TLC PPV due to unspecified medical issues and have announced Kurt Angle as his replacement for the show.

Now it appears that this condition has forced WWE to change plans for not only the upcoming PPV but the Episode of Monday Night Raw following it as well.

Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer made the following tweet after the announcement of Reigns missing TLC, saying that creatives are working on ‘big changes’ for Raw:

He also revealed that at this point the newly announced match of AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor has been given a ‘good amount of time’ at the upcoming PPV:

At this point, it’s not known what the company exactly had in mind for Monday’s episode of Raw, but we’ll keep you posted if any new details come to light.

  • M

    We’ll soon find out and even if it’s detrimental they’ll never listen. Reigns sells for some kids and a lot of teenage girls but he sure as hell is nowhere near Cena.

  • CC

    But what will be hilarious is if this gets more buys than any other PPV short of the big ones, and then WWE still ignores that Reigns does not put bums in seats or credit cards in hands.

  • M

    What makes it worse, this is a panic mode response to save a Ppv. Can only imagine what they’d give us if they actually listened.

  • Omar

    What is sad that ABSENCE of wrestlers has made things more exciting rather than anything WWE did themselves.

  • M

    Sad that WWE has become more exciting in one day as opposed to the past four months.