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WWE Working on Creative for Sting’s Arrival, WWE Looks Back at Hulkamania, Latest OTR Video

– WWE’s latest Outside the Ring features footage of Kofi Kingston, Fandango, AJ Lee and CM Punk bowling against Team Nerdist back in December:

– 30 years today Hulkamania was born. WWE posted the following video looking back at Hulk Hogan:

– While a contract itself hasn’t been signed yet, talks between Sting and WWE are so far that they are discussing concepts for him using the name “A Man Called Sting.”

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  • Nicholas Giambattista

    He could show up in the WWE the day after Wrestlmania just like they did with Brock Lasner when he came back to the WWE. I believe this is going to happen been a big Sting from the old WCW days. Been waiting to see this for 20 years or more. If he had came in his prime I have no dough he would have had many runs at WWE champion. Don’t think if he comes he don’t get a few run as WWE and World champion. Do think if he comes going to be one last run maybe a 2 year run or more. But he will have the WWE title if it just a shot run. To me Sting if he wants to retire do it no argument here, Put if he wants to continue to wrestle stop wasting your time in TNA because your fans are not there have not been watching TNA. We know how bad they have use you in TNA. Should have came to WWE right when WCW went out of business but hey you have your reason. Just think the time is now or never.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Hopefully this means he will return under his old gimmick and with his old theme! Can you imagine how pissed all the marks would be?

  • Shawn Bronald

    His contract isn’t officially up yet. Also, TNA is going to update his status next Thursday…. after the Rumble. Would be kind of awkward if he was in the Rumble.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Don’t talk about Undertaker like that.

  • kmjag5

    Fifteen years too late if it does happen. He looks old and out of shape. He is not even close to what he once was in the ring. This will be a mean I bless signing if it happens. It will be a big deal at first but soon become useless.


    It’s going to happen but a man called sting bleh

  • D2K

    I’m calling it. He’s gonna show up at the Rumble.


    So much disbelief instead of encouragement for him to come over… It’s going to happen

  • ddfindl

    “BREAKING NEWS: Orton reveals that the voices in his head come from a man called Sting, scorpion death drops Batista to retain Randy’s title, but steals it and transcends into the rafters right before he challenges the Undertaker at WrestleMania “

  • JohnCena33

    Ill believe it when Sting is actually live on RAW standing in the middle of the ring cutting a promo saying he is actually “a man called sting” Till then he will always be the greatest star to never join WWE.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    Shut up. This is not going to happen. Just like always.