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WWE Working on The Marine 3, Future Plans for WWE Studios

– WWE is looking for ways to put out more content from WWE Studios and have it be a big part of the WWE Network. The movie division, which is currently in a re-organizing phase, reportedly has a new strategy and will be looking to release more movies per year, and more titles internationally.

WWE Studios is currently looking into doing more sequels of past movies and have screenwriters right now working on a draft for The Marine 3.

Source: PWInsider

  • voice of reason

    you could always get hornswoggle to play sonic the hedgehog.

  • voice of reason

    venom youve laid the smackdown on me, mate my ribs are hurting from laughing thanks for the laugh much appreciated.

  • venom

    Santino as Super mario.

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    He was face. Then right back to heel. Orton was the heel vs priceless

  • KitKrock

    Can’t wait for The nanny 2

  • voice of reason

    what’s next the real luigi starring santino marella

  • alex delarge

    straight to vhs


    Actually I thought DiBiase stayed heel while they were starting to build up Orton as a face heading into WM26. Idk, could be wrong but I don’t ever remember Ted being a face until now

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    Dibiase did turn face for that movie. When he left legacy. Smart guy

  • CC

    Marine 3 will feature Michael McGuilicutty, and the dirt sheets will constantly tell us he will turn face when the film is released, but will stay heel when it does.
    Oh sorry, that was what happened with Dibiase and Marine 2.

  • thetalkingbox

    I cant wait for the chaperone 2.