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WWE WrestleMania 34 main event already in the works

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that even with WrestleMania 33 weeks away, the main event of ‘Mania 34 is already in discussion, with the suggestion that at a WrestleMania 31 rematch between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will take place. Only this time, the WWE Universal Championship will be on the line.

The intention is that the match will be the crowning of Roman Reigns’ as the company’s top babyface, displacing John Cena – a plan WWE had intended to carry out at WrestleMania 31, but didn’t and instead turned to Seth Rollins with his dramatic Money in the Bank cash in.

As always, plans could change but it doesn’t seem so farfetched that this will be next year’s main event. How would you guys feel if that were to happen?

  • susan.driskill

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  • blkwolf13

    He has plenty of time to improve and yet he staggers and sounds goofy during promo still, and has no original moves that are impressive Beyond random varying punches or closeline punches and a spear. Lesnar hits 100 suplexes and an F5 yet his matches are far more exciting and intense than Roman slapping people around all the time.

  • blkwolf13

    Nah McMahon is very closed minded these days, he wants Roman Reigns to be on top so badly and over with the fans that he will be delusional and keep Roman Reigns as a baby face and Lesnar as a heel.

  • Buzzkiller73

    You post as though speaking for others so that’s why I said everyone. good for you if u cancelled. Yet u still watch and care obviously GENIUS. Learn to post for yourself and not speak for others

  • D2K

    My name is not “everyone” and I’VE only said this once.

    I cancelled my subscription over a year ago. Wrestlemania 34 with Roman Reigns going over Brock Lesnar hasn’t HAPPENED YET genius. Learn to read.

  • Buzzkiller73

    Everyone keeps saying this and still subscription rate remain constant or rising. Please quit with the hollow threats.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Well, if they’re banking on Goldberg this year, why not main event Angle vs. Lesnar next year???


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  • Kristopher Robinson

    I highly doubt that this is true.

  • M

    If this is his last Mania, they’ll be rioting the moment he retires the Undertaker.

  • Hbk

    Yeah I see that happening lol wwe is awesome gotta love em… does that mean lesnar will be champ for 1 year?? That’s a stupid idea BTW and it already seems like we 34 will be even worse than this year’s if they go through with it hahahah

  • M

    If Lesnar is the face and Reigns is the heel. I’d be in. I’m all for the hatred of Reigns. I just wish it’d be because he’s a great heel not bandwagon hate.

  • D2K

    The amount of WWE Network cancellations that are gonna happen the next day will be staggering. They really think it’s sweet. Heh…we’ll see.

  • MrDr3w

    And this is exactly why fans turned on him in the first place. The WWE laid their cards out on the table too early and the IWC found out that they were going to make him the face of the company before he was ready. If he doesn’t improve GREATLY in a year’s time, nothing will change.

  • With as many fans that hate Roman, I think there might be a riot if they did that.