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WWE Writer Reportedly Quits, WWE Network Update, Night of Champions Main Event

– Former head writer for WWE’s NXT show Jen Bloodsworth recently quit the company. Bloodsworth started with WWE’s website and has been working on creative since 2007.

– Regarding the main event of WWE Night of Champions this Sunday, this week officials were still debating which match goes on last with the Triple H vs. CM Punk match being the leading candidate.

– There is said to be no complete direction in place for the new WWE Network that debuts next year. Ideas have been tossed around about doing TV series and reality shows with the WWE talents. The backbone of the network will be WWE’s massive tape library and the WWE Studios films. Vince McMahon made an internal decree six weeks ago to get a move on everything as they want the network up and running by the end of 2012.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • poko

    How can there be a question? Cena vs. Del Rio will probably be pretty standard fare, with either Cena squashing Del Rio, or some kind of interference resulting in a Cena loss. They’ve already done everything they can to make Del Rio look pathetic. On the other hand, Punk vs. Triple H has an actual storyline, and no one is certain what is going to happen. It’s the match that people will be buying the PPV to see.

    Just bill Punk vs. HHH as a special bonus match, AFTER the “Main Event” match of Cena vs. Del Rio.

  • JIR

    funny how its called Night of Champions and the Main Event is rumored to be a non championship match

  • simon07

    I take it Jen Bloodsworth didn’t write an end to NXT before she quit and now this series will go on for even…

  • Seth

    Can I agree with everyone? While it bothers me a little that it’s a non-title match, I can’t think of a bigger match. Do you really want to see Orton or Cena as the final match of the evening?

  • venom

    I think Punk/HHH is the biggest storyline going so far. So I think it should end the show.

  • Trixie

    @Andy, totally agree.

  • Dhane Benjamin

    You always save the hottest go-home storyline for last. It’s that simple. Why would it bother anyone?

  • As much as I love this rivalry, it bothers me to think that a non-title match will be the Main Event of the Night of Champions PPV.