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Former WWE Writer Talks About Vince McMahon’s Disregard of Storyline Consistency

Former WWE Writer Chris DeJoeseph recently was on PWTorch Livecast. Here are a few highlights.

DeJoseph on what it’s like behind the scenes when Vince McMahon decides to appear on TV after an absence: “I think there were numerous times where that could be brought up in totally different ways,” DeJoseph, also known on air as Big Dick Johnson, says. “Sometimes it could be a request from the writing team. For the most part Vince didn’t like to be on TV if he didn’t have to be. I’m just using my own judgment here; I think this might have something to do with – usually it’s like the McMahon Million Dollar Mania, or now the three hour Raws – I’m wondering if it’s some kind of play to make some kind crazy announcement to get ratings.”

Did the writing team usually collaborate with him or did he just say “this is what I’m doing”? “There were lots of time where it was, ‘We have this idea, we’d like to do it.’ And he would be, like, ‘Okay, that’s great.’ There were other times, for instance the Million Dollar thing, where he came to us with the idea and [that meant] we were doing it. (laughs)”

Does Vince care about storyline consistency?: “It would always be brought up. Logic would always be brought up, but sometimes it’d just be thrown right out the window. He’d sometimes say he couldn’t even remember what happened three weeks ago, so how is the audience going to remember it? I think sometimes that was his thought…”

DeJoseph says the blame should be on Vince himself, and not the writing team, for the big gaps in logic, dropped storylines, and stream of aggravating contradictions. “I’m sure they’re going to try or at least they’ve been pitching all week or they’re going to try to explain something. I’m sure they have something in mind to explain it logically. If they don’t that’ll be interesting, too… It’s a big promotional thing that’s going to get eyeballs on this TV show and I think that’s what he thinks [matters].”

Does it chip away at fans investing in the product? “Yeah, it sucks. [Fans have to be thinking,] ‘Why should I invest my time and everything into this storyline when they’re just going to sh– on it without explanation.’ I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they will on Monday. I don’t know what they’re going to do on Monday.”

DeJoseph says the writing team cares even when Vince doesn’t: “At least when I was there, and I’m sure it’s still the same way, we would try to present every logical thing. We’d say we need to explain that, and whether it was ignored or we were told ‘No, we f—in’ don’t,’ that’s the way it was… If not for Vince, the writers such as Michael Hayes, Ed Koskie, and Brian Gewirtz would try to make sense of their ideas, but with Vince “you’re constantly dealing with switching and changing things.

“Sometimes it’s even hard for yourself to keep up on everything. I think they would try for sure. I’m sure when they knew that Vince was coming back, it was probably one of the first things that came up – how in the hell are we going to explain why he’s back. And then it was probably, like, ‘Don’t f—in’ worry about it.’ And they go, ‘Okay.’ I think the writing team wants what most fans want because, for the most part, they’re all fans.”

Another major Vince McMahon storyline was abandoned five years ago this month, when he appeared to die inside of his limousine when it exploded. Chris DeJoseph was part of the team who wrote that storyline. He reveals who came up the storyline, why it was created, and where it was headed before the Chris Benoit Family Tragedy caused the limo storyline to be immediately abandoned.

  • Ray

    Thats because people don’t watch TNA enough anymore to complain.

  • Rikishi

    to those 4 dislikes- I’ll stinkface the shit out of you, fess up

  • King Albert

    no one gives a fuck what bitter former writers have to say, i’m not going to read bullshit. GTFO BANG kicked in the head.

  • SYM

    This Fake SYM likes trying to embarass me. But oh well I honestly don’t care. Its Pathetic that he wastes his time posing as someone hes never met, on a Wrestling Website to say the least. Oh and BTW Skip ur not Funny.

  • Jerk Factor

    I lost a lot of interest in WWE programming around 2002/2003 precisely because of the aforementioned Kane angles. Remember when he unmasked on RAW and he was all messed up, the next week his face was fine??? Also the Katie Vick storyline ie Kane being a high school jock, driving around with his cheerleader girlfriend WTF I thought he grew up isolated in Paul Bearer’s basement??? I still watch it a bit but not as much as back then. Stupid Vince.

  • SYM

    Please like me 🙁

  • King Ghidorah

    Vince McMahon is a pig. Power to the people, Obama 2012.

  • ant

    tna does it all the time tho and people dont complain

  • SYM

    Come on guys im funny right????

  • Rikishi

    Vince screwed up my story. I hit stone cold w/ car…for Da Rock.

    Then Triple H said he hired me & it was his plan along.
    Fack that. I did it for Da Rock….for Da people. hitting steve put me in main event

  • SYM


  • Jimbotron

    Yes, so literally, WWE thinks we are stupid and won’t remember shit from three weeks ago. It’s actually confirmed now. Wow.

  • poko

    Yeah, the lack of continuity has always been a problem with the WWE. I think a lot of people feel like they’re having their intelligence insulted a bit. It’s kind of annoying to have the rug pulled out from underneath you from a logical standpoint. Even if a storyline turns out to be a lot lamer than it seemed in meetings, at least wrap it up in a semi-believable way.

    This is what hurt TNA a lot a few months back. I was pleasantly surprised to read that Dixie Carter said they intended to stop abandoning storylines halfway through, but only time will tell. McMahon, though, he’s not going to change at this point in his life, so we’ll just have to live with it.

  • aszman

    OR he could say “I TRICKED YOU into thinking i was burned! Paul tricked undertaker into thinking i was burned! I wanted him to feel bad, and weaken his emotions.”


    He could say he had plastic surgery years ago but wore the mask anyway.


    He is self conscious about his face and lied about the fire to wear a mask so nobody could make him feel bad about being ugly. Then, he could do a gimmick based on “i hate myself, im ugly – you, pretty boy, i will make you as ugly as me”.

  • aszman

    I was surprised that when kane was forced to unmask he didnt run out of the building with his mask on, promising to unmask on raw.

    Then he could come out next night on RAW and say he got plastic surgery so that he wouldn’t be “a freak” then unmask and brag about his new “pretty face” which would be his next gimmick – “My beautiful, perfect face…”

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I wonder how the writing meeting for the Katie Vick angle went down.

  • Mojojojo

    There’s no fucking logic or consistency in these shows, thats for damn sure. How the fuck did Vince get his chairman voting powers back that he lost a few months ago? And I’m still wondering why the fuck Kane is still wearing a mask. I mean, I love masked Kane but they could have given some sort of explanation as for how he got ‘burned’ again. And I say burned because he has black makeup on under the mask as he did in the past.

  • Tyler(:

    Even though what he’s saying is probably true..

    “DeJoseph says the blame should be on Vince himself, and not the writing team” – Of course and Ex-Writer is going to say that.