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× Slammy Award Winners Announced

Winners for six of the twelve categories for the 2012 Slammy Awards were announced on the WWE TLC Pre-Show. Here are the full results.

* Best Dancer of the Year – Brodus Clay
* Top Social Media Ambassador – Charlie Sheen
* Video of the Year – Jerry Lawler
* Crowd Chant of the Year – “Feed Me More!”
* Upset of the Year – Daniel Bryan (retaining World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble)
* Diva of the Year – AJ Lee
* Insult of the Year – John Cena
* Tweet of the Year – Daniel Bryan
* YouTube Show of the Year – Z! True Long Island Story
* Facial Hair of the Year – Daniel Bryan
* Feat of Strength Award – Sheamus (for hitting White Noise on Big Show)
* Betrayal of the Year – Big Show (knocking out John Cena)

  • Buttercastle

    Seems like they just made up awards that only one person could win anyways. Best dancer? Best facial hair? What bout “most wardrobe changes in a year” or “most annoying speaker on the mic who also accompanies Dolph Ziggler to the ring”?

  • Tha don

    Who cares. So weak these awards.

  • Jeff

    No no no. The crowd chant of the year was SI SI SI

  • meh

    As the ecw fans chanted.. Same old sht same old sht

  • xXx

    what happened to YES bein compared to scsa’s WHAT? lol at forcing ryback down everyone’s throats

  • Anon123

    Goat face should have gotten insult of the year.

  • chilly

    crowd chant …. Fruity Pebble

  • Shayan

    Crowd chant of the year- Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • xXx

    so, feed me more went over the YES/NO chants of bryan? dafuq just happened?

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    Shitty creative of the year: Raw

  • Robinson

    Fuckin retarded!!!!!!