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Former WWE/ECW Star Checks Into Rehab

According to Extreme Reunion organizers, former WWE/ECW wrestler Sabu has checked into rehab.

Sabu was hospitalized prior to the first Extreme Reunion show in April, then checked into rehab on the West Coast in May. Although unconfirmed, friends are under the impression that WWE is sponsoring his treatment.

Sabu is not booked for Extreme Reunion’s next tour June 29 and 30. Organizers say that “upon completion of doctors approval, we would consider having Sabu participating in Extreme Reunion future events.”


  • k91xxx

    No i is the greatest to me! ! As i point 2 the sky

  • The Awesome One

    Get Well Sabu one of the greatest

  • SYM

    Really @Maxwell? Hashtags? Are you 12? But anywho. Sabu was my Favorite ECW Wrestler along with Taz. Its nice to see Sabu’s getting help.

  • Maxwell

    Good for Sabu, what is it with all these wrestlers and athetles turning to drugs? I understand its stressful, but nobody forced them to hand in their applications in to a wrestling company, at the end of the day, the were the ones that said “I want to work here” and gave their appilcations in. #GetBetterSabu