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WWE’s 1000th Episode Of Raw Draws Strong Rating

WWE’s historic 1,000th episode of Raw garnered a 3.84 cable rating over the course of three hours—3.48 in the first, 3.95 in the second and 4.09 in the final hour. The program averaged a 4.02 cable rating from 9:00 p.m. to the overrun past 11:00 p.m..

Including only the final two hours, it was the first time Raw drew over a 4.0 since June 22, 2009 for a commercial-free episode. The commercial-free Raw notwithstanding, it was the highest-rated episode since April 13, 2009.

Raw averaged 6,019,000 viewers over the course of three hours. The final two hours averaged 6,318,000 viewers. The last time Raw garnered over six million viewers was for the commercial-free episode. The commercial-free Raw notwithstanding, it was the program’s greatest viewership since February 23, 2009.

Raw averaged 5,439,000 viewers in the first hour, 6,318,000 in the second and 6,300,000 in the third.

(source: Pro Wrestling Torch)

  • King


    trash? are u on fucking crack dude? u must be because Raw didnt suck or as u would say wasnt trash! u need your eyes checked dude sheesh

  • Bawb


    Good shows? Are you kidding me? As much as I liked seeing some old faces (DX), I’m not compensating for anything. That show last night was trash with a bit of nostalgic coating.

  • Effmenow

    Who cares if TNA can’t get a 4.0. Just be thankful WWE and TNA are giving us good shows.

  • ant

    and i actually like TNA cuz theyve been stepping up lately i cant lie but they will never be able to do numbers like this atleast not on SpikeTV they wont

  • ant

    people who dog out wwe for tna should bite there tounges cuz thr numbers dont lie ha