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Did WWE’s 1000th RAW Live Up to the Hype?

W-E fans, we would like your thoughts on last night’s historic 1000th episode of RAW.

Did WWE exceed your expectations or were you disappointed? Discuss .

  • Muscle Wolf

    I read elsewhere that the reason Austin did not appear was due to knee surgery and he is still on crutches.

  • voice of reason

    personally for me i enjoyed it i sat & watched not expecting much but by the end i was really enjoying it my only complaint is a 3 hour show after the first 2 hours i just wanted to leave the room & do something else.

  • Tyler

    Raw 1000 Sucked I give it a 2 out of 10 three hours of Monday night raw needs a lot of help still of what I saw last night raw will not make it to 2000

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I think it was a good show! They didnt have many matches but they did bring in a lot of old faces which was cool as hell. Plus seeing The Hand all grown up was hilarious! But I do think WWE could have done a better job. I give RAW 1000th a 7.5/10

  • Shawn

    Good show, not great. I felt it didn’t live up to the hype. I was sad seeing DX look so old. Rock’s return didn’t seem to have that same ‘OMG’ feeling it did before. Brock’s response to Triple H was too predictable (and Triple H getting the best of Brock? Really?). The Slater angle was a HUGE letdown. I expected Ric Flair to come down and put the Figure Four on him. No Austin = RIDICULOUS. Yeah, I heard his explanation, but he still could have given a satellite shout-out. Cena/Punk was okay, and I liked the heel turn, but the Big Show interference was unnecessary. Finally, AJ as GM? That’s no better than Hornswoggle as Anonymous GM. I think Ron Simmons summed up the show quite nicely when he said….. DAMN!

  • Wellsy

    Punk heel? Really? Are they that desperate to get Cena back as top face?!

  • Nicholas

    I think it was a great Raw best in a while. You got the return of the whole DX forget about Chyna she is a lost cause. HHH vs Brock Lasner is going to be huge for Summerslam. The Legends were cool. But CM Punk becoming himself again took the cake. I don’t think is was so much of a heel turn as Punk becoming what he was this time last year. To me they need to let Punk just be himself an start telling things like they are again. I don’t want to see Punk turn into something he is not. One final thing about AJ being the new RAw GM don’t be so quick to knock it. I rather see somebody new then the same old GM with Vicki or Teddy Long to me that would just be the same old thing looking for something new. Great RAw was worth watching an Punk going to make people start tuning in again. Next is Randy Orton becoming himself yet again when he returns.

  • jo

    atleast the rock showed up and stuck around so i guess it makes up for Austin

  • ant

    It sucked. Aj as gm? I’m tired of her huge ass nose. Predictable ending, same Raw for like the past 4 months. Dx sucked cuz they were only in the show for the first 30 min. Undertaker won’t be back til mania so having him team with a heel Kane was ridiculous . Legends sucked. Wwe didn’t use the rock like they should have. And no Austin ? WTF! And jerichos huge epic announcement??? Nothing!! The miz as intercontinental champ? Vince do you just hate christian that much? It sucked especially when wwe hyped it up so much , only good thing was Stephanies hot ass and nice tits, wanted to see more of her feet though.

  • Bawb

    Another disappointing return from stars and yet another overdramatic heel turn. Yes, Punk, stand out like you say you do, but slowly and conflictingly become a bad guy just like everyone else.

  • KingAlbert

    All seriousness, was better then TNA’s best PPV.

  • i am

    i miss eddie guerrero at this time

  • Wolfie

    I just hope the Brothers of Destruction wasn’t just a one night thing. Having Kane and ‘Taker back together as a dominant force could go a long way towards holding my interest because right now I don’t see a lot on the horizon that I really care to watch.

  • Scotlandnumber1

    Another thing that was pointless was dude love wtf? The thing that would have topped the whole night off is an austin mcmahon reunion. What do u think?

  • sam

    accoridng to another wrestling website, the reason Austin wasnt at RAW was because he was filming grown ups 2 obv but because he wasnt a big enough star they wouldnt allow him to miss just one lousy bloody day utter crap

  • Wolfie

    I was really enjoying this episode up until I realized the glass wasn’t going to break and Austin wasn’t coming out. WWE really screwed up there in my eyes. There was someway to get Austin there. Also I think this episode really highlighted the weakness of the current roster and the PG era because all the stuff I really enjoyed centered on or involved Attitude Era wrestlers.

  • SYM

    Yes that show was good and bad. Good to see my old Childhood heroes, bad because The Current WWE Roster is awful. For One how the Hell was Fozzie Bear (THAT NO GOOD SON OF A BITCH BASTARD) on RAW but Stone Cold wasn’t? 2 They gave Undertaker no love. 3 CM Punk turning Heel was the Major Angle? Really? Not Cena turning Heel but CM Punk? No disrespect to Punk but we’ve seen him go Face to Heel atleast 4 Times already.

  • scsa852k

    The entire show became meaningless when Austin did not appear on the show.

  • Allen

    When Trish had Triple H bent over…I thought it would have been hilarious for Stephanie McMahon to walk in and freak out like old times!

  • Dan

    I thought RAW was enjoyable, and espescially liked the returns of the entire DX, APA and Lita. Though I felt a little bit let down with the end of the Slater angle, I was expecting a huge former star to arrive though it was still enjoyable. Also the only genuine shock appearances for me was the Hand and Slikck. Obviously would have been great to have Stone Cold there, but I was a bit surprised that Booker T was absent. And I was hoping that DDP would interupt Trish and tell HHH to try DDP Yoga instead, as its “Not your Mama’s Yoga”.

  • Trev

    Now CM Punk is a Heel, does this not help in the set up of a possible Punk vs Austin wrestlemania match?
    I think CM Punk has gotten a little stale, We need the Punk from July 2011 again.
    DX together, all five members since early 1999 together was amazing, marked out at Triple H’s bald comment

  • Funaki

    The Rock had no charisma once again and looked like a wet carrot. I’ll be seeing him in the main event at the rumble… I preordered already.

  • Vkm and wwe nailed this 1000 episode of raw all of the matches were great except for swagger vs clay of course I love that the miz is the new ic champ and I hope this is a step in the right direction for him he has a ton of potential, the dx reunion was such a mark out moment I was having flashbacks of the days of old I loved it, cm punk turning heel was definatly not what I was expecting and it was a great move by wwe he was definatly getting stale as a face congratulations to the wwe and to everyone involved last night

  • Red

    It was great fun and had pretty much everyone you wanted to see except for Austin. And people complaining about the AJ as GM thing, lets see how it plays out first – at least it is different, and not just another “suit” playing the evil authority figure, this time we have a mentally unstable female in charge, it could be fun!

  • Kimothy

    The hand all grown up was so epic!

  • sam

    if i had to score it out of 10 id give it a 7 but it obviously did lack Stone Cold yeah people can say he werent there get over it and that, but not to have arguably your biggest ever star not present on your biggest ever show is a big big letdown

  • d

    austin sucks the idiot bald asskiser

  • Hey Yo

    DX made it for me, it was awesome to see Road Dogg Billy Gunn(Who looked great) a great story off camera is how Road Dogg and Billy Gunn have both cleaned there lives up over the last 2 years, great end to the story of DX having them all together like that.

  • Sammo

    @Angry Benny… I liked it and I popped big for Sean Mooney(!) … but it didn’t quite live up the the hype. What’s bitter about that?!

  • Lord KGM

    Perfect 1000th episode of Raw considering the lineup except the AJ being general manager of Raw…that was a clueless move by the Board of Directors. She has no intrigue without a top WWE wrestler carrying her along the way. They need to make her status as GM short as possible. Otherwise, I couldn’t have asked for more from the WWE. D-X reunion BANANAS as Gwen Stefani would say and I enjoyed every minute. Jack Swagger looks like he’s on his way out of the company. Sad loss but I think they have no main event room for him and that’s his desire. At least that’s how I view things but all opinions are wrong because we dont write the storylines. Miz becoming Intercontinental champion is AWESOME for the WWE, Cody tweeted “he got his job done” AMEN! He changed that belt forever and I think he should’ve been MITB instead of give me “chance after chance” Ziggler! Speaking of Dolph, could he possibly the biggest botch wrestler other than Sin Cara?!? He needs WAY more training and I DO believe he will technically be the first person to LOSE his MITB…Rey and Sin Cara need to become the best tag team we will see in a long time, I think Rey could train and guide Sin Cara to new heights. HHH and Stephanie need to RETURN to TV, even though I know that won’t happen because of their parenting (which I give kudos too.) Stephanie would so work the GM position way better than AJ! As you can probably tell, AJ is not liked by me at all. Brock looks like he’s in “wrestling” shape and ready to beat the snot out of HHH! The Legends moment WAS AMAZING! I know, I know, they’re overdosing the Heath Slater vs. Legends script but an old saying is “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it!” WWE, I recommend as a company, you do the same…CM PUNK vs. John Cena was the Raw match of the YEAR! CM PUNK IS A HEEL AGAIN, I wanted that to happen of ever the “Cult of Personality” garbage started and he became a non-steroid up John Cena! I know fans love the happy Punk but I hated his guts. He talked over and over about how Johnny Boy operated as champion and was a kiss up to the fans, then had to look in the mirror and realize he was doing the same thing…I’m surprise it took the Board of Directors this long to make that move though. I loved watching CM Punk put the Rock to sleep. Big Show is on the rise too for the last time before he retires. Overall, still not as much wrestling as I would have liked but did its job BY FAR! A lot of fighting and brawling with storylines behind them. So at least it wasn’t ALL talking and to that I applaud the staff. 4.5/5 Lord KGM

  • Craig

    Lots of complaints about Austin not being there. I think its safe to say it wasn’t a WWE decision and more along the lines of a scheduling conflict with Austin. It’s not as if WWE could have postponed Raw 1000 to 1001 or 1002 just to appease everybody and have Austin on the show. Things come up and schedules don’t always work out. As far as the show goes it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great. AJ as GM could work. She is entertaining and the crowd obviously loves her. Have to see how that plays out before any real opinion can be made. Dean Ambrose not being introduced was a bit of a disappointment as well. The end of Raw with Punk turning heel wasn’t a bad thing. A heel Punk is always entertaining and could lead to some good tv. However the issue is WWE chose to go the safe route. They had a golden opportunity to hit a home run and turn Cena heel. Instead they played it safe and went with the double that could turn into a triple depending on what direction they go with Punk.

  • Angry Benny

    I thought it was great, the opening segment with all the DX members minus Chyna was great, then Miz winning the IC strap, Punk turning heel, Lita, the legends, the continued fued with Dolph Ziggler and Jericho, I mean it wasn’t the best show, but it definately was fun to watch and I’m sure it would of been better live, especially with Kane and Undertaker in atttendance, but I liked it, too many bitter wrestling fans on here

  • AbrahomerSimpson

    It had its moments but it ultimately fell extremely short of the hype. I’m not disappointed, though, because it’s pretty much what I expected.

  • Ray

    Austin wasn’t there. I’m sorry but myself and dozens of co-workers and friends of mine felt very unsatisfied with the Texas Rattlesnake being absent.

  • Sammo


    I hear your complaints about an actual lack of “wrestling” on a wrestling show, but I don’t think that it will be a long term problem going forward. It was just because it was the 1000th episode and they had like 60 people who all needed TV time, so it was always obvious there was never gonna be an abundance of in-ring action on this particular episode.

  • gstruckman

    Raw was a major letdown in my eyes,it seemed as if WWE was just putting in as much filler as possible for a three hour show and the “matches” all sucked.If this is what they come up with for a much hyped 1000th episode I do not think I want to watch a regular 3 hour RAW.

  • Treg

    Punk always made a better heel.

  • d

    guys buck up!!!!it was a great show it is not possible to keep it up with all desires many were there stone cold was shooting for movie……….THE ROCK….proved he has love for wwe by getting assaulted from punk in front of world.

  • Scotlandnumber1

    Was good but i thought they could have done alot better, sat up to 4.15 am this morning to watch it in the uk and very dissapointed stone cold was no where to be seen.

  • AJA

    It was horrible because they left Stone Cold (best wrestler of all time) off the show!!! and thats the bottom lineee, ’cause Stone Cold said so!!!!! (:< lol

  • Sammo

    I saw everyone I expected to see and it was a great dose of nostalgic fun … But I’d be lying if I said I was overwhelmed.

    I was expecting a much bigger pay off angle to close the show. Turning Punk heel isn’t a big deal because all his fans will still cheer him regardless. It should’ve been Cena turning heel.

    And unveiling AJ as the GM was a let down. She’s had her 15 minutes in the spotlight and surely she can only be a short term fixture. It was the perfect opportunity to deliver a big name like Ric Flair, Edge, Steve Austin or, hell, even Stephanie. Vince dropped the ball on that one a bit.