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WWE’s 2011 Troops Show, Concern Over Rey Mysterio, WWE Looking at China

– Devin sent the following: WWE will be taping the Tribute To The Troops Special on Sunday, December 11th, 2011 at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

– As noted before, WWE will be returning to Asia in January of 2012. They are also looking at getting into China but it’s hard to because the government there makes you go through a lot of red tape. UFC is facing the same situation as they look to do a show in China next year.

– There is some concern among WWE officials regarding Rey Mysterio using doctors in San Diego for his operations. WWE prefers that all of its talents use Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama, who is considered the best in the business.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • voice of reason

    i just came to check out if there is anymore trolls stirring the preverbial pot of shit.

    @ dick coxafloppin don’t worry about jeff he just wants to be a shit stirrer so let him be, he’s just another troll.

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    and you are going to do what?

    Oh thats right nothing. Now STFU and go back to your boyfriend Matt.

  • Best in the world

    Freakzilla pretty much summed up everything. Don’t pretend you’re a damn god like human being because you’re fighting for a country. If you fight for freedom and things of the such. I think that’s great, but you either fight for it completely, or step the hell down. Don’t claim “Oh we fight for your freedom” and then say “Don’t voice your opinion on something” Hypocritical much? A bit funny, really.

  • Jeff

    How about you grow up a little?

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*************************************************

    Dear fans of W-E,

    It is with great sadness today we have to report @matt has passed away due to oxygen deprivation. Yesterday while in hiding, sucking on his mums tit, he forgot to inhale.

    @matt leaves behing his semen soaked John Cena sweatbands and a can of hand wax.

  • Greg

    @ Studdog
    Thank you for defending the freedoms we enjoy every day. I wish when I was over there I had gotten a chance to meet you you sound like a really great man. You definitly verbalized my arguement a bit better then I did so thank you very much. And thank you to Venom and voice of reason as well for speaking out against the trolls. You guys are good people and i wish there were more out there like you

  • finley rocks

    can we go off the subject of loving or hating the troops everyone has aired their impassioned arguments & we have gotten nowhere this is a wrestling news website not a website for hate speech or political views or even conspiracy theories.

    i have read each post here & some i agree with & some i do strongly disagree with but lets steer the topic back to where it’s meant to be.

    as for the wwe heading to china, the chinese government does have a strong grip on all media so i hope the wwe can get around that i’m sure there would be alot of wrestling fans that would enjoy a visit from the superstars of the wwe.

    as for rey’s doctor the wwe prefers their talent to see a wwe doctor but if rey doesnt have faith in the doctor it’s his choice to seek out a new doctor it’s his body & he is well within his rights to choose whatever doctor he wants.

  • voice of reason

    actually jeff all countries do have times of decline & prosperity it’s a fact of life it’s not the country that is going to the crapper it’s the leadership of the country.

    the man or woman at the wheel of leadership if you want change for good use your voice & go to the polling booth when your countries election is due.

    i think in the us it’s 2012 here in australia it’s 2013, over here it’s compulsary to vote i think in america they have the right not to vote, for me i enjoy voting because i feel that my one vote can help to be a force for change, so jeff use your voice when it’s time to cast your voting ballot & head down to the polling booth.

  • voice of reason

    @ son of a stud dog right back at you i appreciate what your dad does he’s a good man same goes for you.

    @jeff i’m not even gonna humor that remark with a witty response.

  • Son of a StudDog

    Thanks all of you. Yep dad is great and im dang proud of him. your words mean a lot to him. amazing how faceless names on a screen have touched him and me. I am really suprised at how easy he took it on the trolls. normally when he does a tour he goes into what he calls bully mode. takes at least a month home for him to get back to normal. he gets a little over protective over me and my brother and sister i understand with my sister she is a girl and only 9yrs old. But i know its because he loves us. I have faith he will be home safely and soon but i still thank you for the prayers.
    voice of reason thanks so much. he really appreciates you.

  • Jeff

    Pathetic, really pathetic. And they wonder why this country is on a decline.

  • voice of reason

    @ venom have to agree there

  • voice of reason


    mate that’s my favorite phrase thanks for introducing it to me, stay safe keep well & i hope you come home to your family safely i hope to fire up the barbie for you & your family one day, until then i will keep you in my thoughts & prayers ok

    SEMPER FI & keep up the good fight HOORAH

  • venom

    Yea, these fat trolls couldn’t get in shape for the army.

  • santino sicilian cool

    hey son of a stud dog your one great guy your dad would be an extremely proud man to have you as a son as i would be like voice said chin up mate & don’t let these trolls get you down

    your a top kid ok & these trolls couldnt do what your dad does ok he’s one brave guy & so are you ok

  • voice of reason

    @ studdog you know how impassioned i am about our fighting forces, i will defend you guys as much as i can just as much as you defend my freedom.

    @ son of a stud dog mate your dad is a1 to me he is a friend so your a friend as well if your upset mate don’t let it get to you, your dad is a great man to do what he does so if anything upsets you at all stick by old voice of reason he’ll look after you just put in “hey voice of reason” if i see it i’ll help out anyway i can ok your dad is a top bloke & your one awesome guy chin up mate ok.

    @ all the trolls there are impressionable kids who come to this site who’s parents are in the armed forces please for fuck sake lay off the bashing of the men & women in the armed forces ok you may hate them but these guys are out there fighting for whats right could you do the same.

  • venom


    Yea, these fat stupid marks forget this war is about terrorism. Terrorists are against the world, not just the US. Good luck as you keep fighting for our freedom. If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be living my free life style. Obviously McMahon appreciates it too. These idiots forget what country the WWE is from. If we didn’t live a free life, there would be no WWE, and no horrible TNA to bash.

  • StudDog

    AWW HELL! I like to spend the rare occasion that we can access a computer E-mailing my family, But this time I find an E-mail from my son (who seemed very upset) to check out wrestling edge. Look what I find going on. A bunch of ungrateful assholes bashing my fellow soldiers and a few good people defending us.

    Freedom of speech–While I will defend it with my life I really think you have to draw a line when it hurts others, Just as matts post really hurt my son and probably anyone else who has friends or family or who have lost friends or family in this war.

    Fighting for oil? Get real! whocares had it right there is really not that much oil over here and as far as I can tell we left all the oil in Iraq! Get over all these conspiracy theories.

    Yes I volunteered. Yes it was my choice. But if it was not for us who choose to do this then it could be any of you here. This war would be fought even if you had to be drafted. I did not have to come for my third tour I asked for it. I figure if I ask then that is one less 18yr old who has to come. It sure wasnt cause I like being shot at or watching friends die! And no i do not like killing, each time you have to kill it takes a little part of you with it. I fight terrorist not just for the USA but for the world, They dont care who you are if your different they hate you. Last time I checked they have attacked most every country not just the USA. In fact we have had the least attacks here.

    If you dont like us thats your right and I am all about defending rights and freedom but please do not say things in places that may hurt our families, When you do you are walking on my fighting side!

    To answer a question–Any soldier fighting on the side of freedom is allowed to the tribute for the troops shows. And the shows are very much appreciated.

    As for Freakzilla and duffman and matt—I have read alot of post from them and can tell you they just want to inflame you–Do not post or reply to theme and they will finally get bored and leave. Just a bunch of trolls.

    Thanks to all my freinds here for your great words.

    SEMPER FI! And HOORAH! To you all!

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    and @ Matt…….yes you are an asshole and an assclown.
    I’d invite you to bring it…..but since you’re not in this country…..stay home and suck on mums tit.

  • venom

    Matt is upset because he ran out of toliet paper.

  • whocares

    Most soldiers know that the majority of Americans are more concerned with American Idol than the wars. And we’re cool with that. We get paid. We get free medical, dental, vacation etc…
    The fact that some little jimmys think we’re jerks doesn’t not affect us the least.

  • santino sicilian cool

    it seems that a massive can of worms has been opened here on 1 side you have the people who truly respect & appreciate what our troops do & on the other side you have the people who couldnt care less.

    on this page alot of people have aired their opinions & some have resorted to name calling, i am a fan of free speech but i am also a massive fan of appreciation i do appreciate what the armed forces do, it is a sacrifice that they choose to do, if you don’t support the troops then that’s fine if you do that’s fine aswell.

  • voice of reason

    @ bestintheworld don’t call me your friend you most definately won’t goad me into an argument with you.

  • voice of reason

    @ whocares melbourne is also an amazing city the next time you get r&r give melbourne a go take in an afl match pop over to lygon st for some pizza or even check out the healesville sanctuary you may even get to hold a koala but be warned there claws are razor sharp.

  • Jon

    Guys this is enough. I respect the troops for the scafices they make and this show is just to show WWE appreciation for them. If don’t like the show nor our troops just don’t watch. Simple.

    Let this not be a political site nor a bashing one.

  • Sam

    im standing up for matt here, i couldnt give two shits about the troops i jut wanna watch some wrestlng

  • Whocares

    Sydney. It was a blast. I had some fantastic sushi, great beer, and I high fived a kangaroo.

  • venom


    Don’t argue with the fat trolls. It’s not worth it.

  • voice of reason

    glad to hear you had a great time in australia whocares, we aussies are a hospitable bunch what city did you go to?

  • whocares

    You don’t have to support anyone or anything if you live here in America. That’s the great thing about being here. Just to clarify some things though:
    We are not over there fighting for oil. There’s really not that much oil in Afghanistan.
    We are not over there fighting for your freedom. All of our Grandparents already did that.
    We are over there fighting terrorist, and spreading democracy.
    If your only exposure to what’s going on over there came from an episode of “Countdown” on MSNBC six years ago, maybe you should pick up a newspaper.
    If you don’t want to be in the Military, it doesn’t make you any less of a man, or a patriot. I know plenty of people in the service that would love to get out.
    Last thing, I will continue to brag about my free trip to Australia. I earned my R&R, and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life.
    Moving on, Why is JoMo still being jobbed out?

  • Edo. Risk

    u mean the porn one????

  • Dave

    And on a lighter note.
    When I saw that WWE were looking into China. I thought they meant someone had bought her latest DVD.

  • scooter

    I think tribute to the troops is a great idea but is it true that it’s only open to US troops not the whole of the allied forces now THAT is unfair! the us troops bust their ass out their no doubt ut what about say the british troops they work just as hard!

  • KitKrock

    I don’t support the troops & I’m from Seattle.
    Why waste our time & money by sending them there? Just buy oil from the arabs, don’t take it from them.

  • Phenomkiller

    @ Matt, i agree with u, and besides, the wwe troops shows are shit

  • Sam Peters

    Im from England but i respect the hell out of all the troops that fight for their country

  • voice of reason

    there is alot of impassioned people here who support what our troops do i am so proud of that, we may disagree on many things but in supporting what our troops do we are in agreement.

    get this war done with lets kick alqaeda to the sand & lets bring our fighting men & women home soon to quote studdog.

    “semper fi hoorah”

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    God damn, never thought I’d agree with anything you said Freaky… But that was very well put.

    (The “Freaky” nickname just kind of stuck, not in anyway an insult or anything)

  • proudenglishman

    last time i checked i dont care about the us army and they killed more of our troops than targets

  • JIR

    To everyone that doesn’t care about our troops just go Funk Yourselves They are doing the job that many of us don’t have the balls to do so show some respect

  • Matt

    Exactly, just because we don’t support the reason why you are sent on war doesn’t mean that we have something against you personally. You have to understand that some people won’t agree with what you’re doing.

  • Freakzilla

    I never said I don’t support the troops. I don’t support the reason the suits send you there. You have to do what your told and I respect that. What I don’t respect is when you soldiers like you keep going on about it and try to belittle everyone who isn’t and think differently even if they are from another country!

    For your information my grandfathers and my Dad didn’t care about people who didn’t support them. They only cared about the ones that did they realized they made a choice and that choice was theirs, they even got shit from some of their colleagues both junior and senior for not being white but they just learnt to get on with it. Perhaps you should as well.

  • Adrian

    Big whoop whocares, I don’t think I’d be admitting that like it’s something to be proud about bud. Ha, and I couldn’t agree more Freakzilla. Hit the nail on the head.

  • Greg

    Big myself up? what does that even mean? and what does the big I AM mean? Not that its your business but i fight because I want to pay America back for the freedoms i enjoy every day. I dont do this to impress anyone or “big myself up” I do it bc I feel that its right. Im no martyr and have no desire to be I dont want to die. And yes your damn right I give a fuck about soldiers from other countries some of my best friends were from cananda and england and they fought right beside me. Freakzilla go ask those family members that were in the military how they feel about people not supporting the troops and im sure theyll tell u the same thing I would. You moron this isnt about the politics this is about the soldiers that fight for your freedom. I dont care what the reason for the war are I just feel that no matter your feelings on the war EVERYONE should support the troops and if you dont agree with that then I really hope you and I never meet. And thank you to everyone who commented who supports the troops. Its people like you that make what I do worth it.

  • whocares

    I’m an American soldier. I don’t care if people don’t vocally support the troops. Anyone with a job is supporting us with tax dollars.
    Thanks for the free trip to Australia, Matt! It really helped me unwind after being in Iraq.

  • Matt

    Nationalism is a disease, plain and simple. You guys think that your country is the best just because you were born in it. Oh, and btw, you are not the only so called “free” country. A lot of countries are “free” without sending the abroad. And like Freakzilla said, you make the decision to join the army, nobody forced you to.

  • Freakzilla

    @Greg “I guarantee you that every single wrestler would willingly do the tribute to the troops show for free.” – Not true. RVD didn’t want to do it and didn’t.

    And Matts right the whole conflict in the middle east is about oil regardless of what the media tell you. Its one thing to be patriotic its another to force it down peoples throats especially when they are not even American.

    And Greg its your fucking job to fight if your in the forces, so get off your high horse and stop acting like you’re some sort of martyr in the making. Nobody forced you to join the forces YOU made that decision. A real soldier would go out and fight and not big himself up like you do. Before you start running your mouth at me, just to let you know I got 2 generations of family that were in the military but they don’t give it the big I AM like you do.

    Matts not even American its not as if anyone here gives a fuck about soldiers from another country is it?

  • kevbot

    @Matt well sorry to say WWE is a United States product. So, you don’t have to watch it. Just don’t step foot into my country and expect to enjoy the freedoms these men and woman provide for anyone that is in the United States. It’s not a political thing at all. It’s supporting soldiers who sign up, make it their job to possibly sacrifice themselves for what they and millions of other people believe in: freedom. If you want to comment about how matt hardy is a dumbass or how john cena is a talentless piece of shit, that’s fine, this is a wrestling site. This is a wresting story about where a Raw will be. Don’t be a dick hole and have to insult men and women of any armed forces and talk politics. take that shit somewhere else

  • santino sicilian cool

    on this site it seems there are alot of patriotic people who DO support the troops, to me reading comments like “fuck the troops” is like pissing kerosene onto a forest fire in the vain hope of putting it out.

    by coming here to say “hey the troops can go fuck themselves” your gonna stir up a massive hornets nest of bullshit.

    personally for me i am grateful for the hard work these troops daily & i thank them for my freedom daily.

    @matt your lucky studdog wasnt here he would have surely put you in your place.

  • Matt

    Greg, you are not defending any individual’s freedom. The only freedom you are defending is the freedom of oil companies.

  • Best in the world

    Voice of reason…So lets get this straight, because people think differently from you, they are “idiots” and “misguided”? Got some news for you. Calling people “Idiots” just because they don’t see things how you see them is…quite frankly, childish. And “If you don’t like this, don’t voice your opinion” Isn’t that the exact opposite of what they are suppose to be fighting for? Our FREEDOM? Freedom of speech my friend.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • voice of reason

    i used to enjoy watching the troop show it was always aloty of fun but they stopped airing it here it was always a tradition around christmas time to watch it i would love to see it again.

  • voice of reason

    i’m not an american & i support the troops i don’t classify the american troops as fighting for america or australian troops fighting for australia i put them all into one basket & say they are fighting for all our freedom now i’m a patriotic aussie & i cant fucking stand it when little pricks denegrate the good name of the people in our armed forces, they are there fighting so little idiots can have their own misguided views.

    personally i want this war over when i mean over i want these terrorist scum wiped out as quick as possible but the armed forces have a long hard road ahead of them, if you don’t like the war dont voice your distain because it destroys the morale of our brave fighting men & women, let them know that you are behind them & want them home safely.

  • Adrian

    @Greg You do realize you apparently not only fight for the people that appreciate you, but for all the people that are against you right? It comes with the business, You are going to have to learn to get over it when people don’t appreciate it/have very different views and opinions. I support what has been done/is being done and appreciate the freedom I have. But other people see things differently. And who cares? The point I am making is you can’t get so butthurt when people are against something. Whatever reason they may be against it for. Especially if you are involved in it yourself. Don’t let people get to ya, it happens, will always happen. And if you are really being honest about what you have done, Fighting over the internet over something like this and calling people names through a screen is pretty lame. Ha.

  • Howe

    Did anyone else notice the part about Matt not being American?

  • Greg

    Il call you whatever the hell I want to you low life piece of shit. And believe me adrian ive thrown plenty of punches bc IM IN THE MARINES DEFENDING YOUR FREEDOM asshole. I just got home from iraq if youd like to know. I spent two years on the front line fighting the war that pussys like matt are too afraid to fight. I didnt fight to find wmds, i didnt fight bc i hated saddam, and i certainly didnt fight for bush, i fought to defend the freedoms that everyone takes for granted. adrain i dont care weather or not u agree w the military, but i do care about people not supporting the people who risk their lives for u. Anybody who doesnt support the troops SHOULD leave the country bc you dont deserve the freedoms that i fought for and watched friends die for.

  • Adrian

    Alright, enough “Oh the troops are out there fighting for our freedom, burn in hell to anyone that has a different view on it than I do, I’ll deck you even though I’ve never thrown a real punch in my entire life” We’re all different and have our own opinions on everything, Don’t like it? Get the fguck over it. Plain and simple.

    But on topic, Hope your knee gets better Rey, Hope ya come back.

  • Tony A.

    @Matt I agree 100%

  • Chris

    I wholeheartedly agree with Greg. @Matt you’re seriously a douche bag. I’m not American, but I support the show. The show isn’t about the war, and how you feel about it, its supporting people out there that give their lives so you can have the freedom to post on here. A very good friend of mine’s in the Russian army…he recently went through a very scary situation, and I worried just as if I were there. Supporting them doesn’t have to mean you support what the fight is about…its about supporting the fact that they are willing to stand up and fight. I sincerely doubt you’d have the balls to do it.

    Oh and @Matt, you do realize the army isn’t just there to fight wars right? I mean you can’t possibly be that stupid can you? They do research missions and help out in times of disaster. Provide aid. Yes, there main purpose is to protect the country using violence, BUT it is NOT their only purpose.

    @Greg, great post.

  • Matt

    And I’m not even in your damn country.

  • Matt

    I wasn’t talking about the common man and woman, i was talking about the reason they are there. And dick, don’t you ever call me an asshole you idiot.

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    Anyone that doesnt support our troups needs to get the fuck out of this country. Seriously.

    Granted you may not support the reason they are there. News lately has been saying even some of the troops themselves dont support the cause. But you cant seriously not support the common man and woman that put their lives on the line and put their personal lives on hold for the USA!

    Matt you sir are an ignorant *sshole!

  • Greg

    Dude are you fucking serious? You know while your sitting at home wacking off the troops are out there risking their lives so that we can be free. I guarantee you that every single wrestler would willingly do the tribute to the troops show for free just because they are grateful for the risk those men and women take on a daily basis and I also guarantee that any of your favorite wrestlers would be ashamed to have you as a fan. It sickens me when people like you have the gall to say things like not all americans support the troops. Your right. Not all americans are intelligent good people some of us are morons who clearly need to get their asses kicked and you certainly fall into that category. I hope you and I meet in the real world someday so I can give you the ass kicking you deserve. Boom Headshot Bitch Hoo Rah

  • Matt

    fuck the troop show seriously. Not all wrestling fans are americans, and not all americans support the troops