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WWE’s “Attitude Era” DVD/Blu-ray Canceled?, Removed From Release Schedule

It would appear that WWE has canceled, or at least delayed, its scheduled DVD and Blu-ray release, WWE: The Attitude Era, reports

The listings for the title, which was scheduled for release on November 20, 2012, have been removed from internal schedules for both the United States and Australia. According the website, this generally occurs when a title has been cancelled or postponed.

Details of the title surfaced in July, but artwork and content listings still have yet to be released as the scheduled release date draws near.

The title came under fire by two Connecticut publications this week since the sports-entertainment organization recently scrubbed hundreds of videos from “The Attitude Era” off YouTube and other video-sharing websites after they were used in Democratic advertisements attacking U.S. Senate hopeful Linda McMahon. WWE said this was done in order to “protect their corporate reputation from being mischaracterized in negative political agendas.”

Asked Monday whether the title would contain any of the squashed material and why the organization was releasing the compilation so soon after McMahon’s election, WWE spokesman Brian Flinn told Brian Lockhart of that the title would be rated PG and consistent with how the company has marketed itself in recent years. cannot confirm whether the title has been cancelled altogether, but its removal from schedules indicate it won’t be released this year.

  • Deva

    what if they use the “wrestling” part of the show as something they would consider violence and making linda look bad. Would they make wwe scripted backstage stuff only no wrestling anymore?

  • Omar

    WWE is a public limited company. Majority or no majority,chairman of the board has to take EVERY shareholders’ interest into consideration. It is time for the shareholders to ask Vince to relieve the chairmanship. He is more interested in political interests of his family than the business interests of the shareholders.

  • Jimbotron

    Vince McMahon trolling the over-10 crowd again.

  • hodgie guy

    The dvd and Blu-ray are now listed for sale on the Canadian Amazon website with a release date of Nov. 13, 2012 instead of the previous Nov. 20th date

  • Fuck that and fuck linda mcmahon for making wwe shy away from their greatest era in company history the attitude era will live forever!!