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WWE’s Bray Wyatt Confirms Recent Injury Reports, Note on Sin Cara from Mexico

– There are people in Mexico’s CMLL and AAA promotions that believe Sin Cara will be released by WWE soon, which will likely send him back to Mexico looking for work.

– WWE NXT star Bray Wyatt (the former Husky Harris) confirmed on Twitter that he was injured at last week’s FCW live event. The former Nexus member says he suffered a torn pectoral muscle. He wrote:

“What does a torn pecroral muscle mean to me? I wiil not waste my time with injuries of the flesh…When my brain continues captivate the attention of the masses. #theAshesOurNewHome. As for NXT, I wont be missing a second”

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    I agree, his character is one where he doesn’t even need to wrestle to get over. He can just run around doing promos and get over that way. His gimmick is built so he doesn’t need to solely beat people in the ring in order to become more important.

  • Pyro

    So he’s going to stay on tv after the taped debut he made on NXT? Cool, he has an interesting character, he’s found his schtick I think. As Husky Harris, it just wasn’t clicking but this is different. He can just cut promos while he’s out, it’ll make him more popular than his wrestling will anyway.