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What Was WWE’s Creative Team Told This Weekend In Regards To Why CM Punk Left WWE?

– Regarding the story of CM Punk possibly suffering a concussion at the Royal Rumble, he did pass an ImPACT concussion test on the Monday before he walked out of the company. However, Punk did get banged up in the 30-man Royal Rumble match.

During a WWE creative meeting this past weekend, the writers were told that Punk went home because he “got his bell rung” in the Rumble match.

There’s a belief within the company, possibly passed down from Triple H and/or Vince McMahon, that Punk walked out simply because he was banged up as opposed to everything else like creative frustration, the WrestleMania XXX match with Triple H and everything else that’s been reported.

Nobody knows what kind of talks Punk and Vince have had since last Monday but there is a feeling within WWE that Vince may be under the impression Punk left because he got hurt.

Source: PWInsider

  • JAckh45

    Austin walked out on Vince…
    He’s not fired because simply he’s too much of an asset for the company (plus “walked out” means quit)
    He can make everyone a lot of money so naturally Vince would take it slow and make sure hes golden.
    And no, not everyone is replaceable, you couldnt just replace someone like Punk. It would take a few years to get to his level of mic and in ring skills.

  • Sam

    What I haven’t understood from the beginning is in a contract you HAVE to work a specified amount of time/dates/etc unless you can prove you’re unable to, so how is he not getting punished for “just not showing up to work”. Sounds more like a work to me as time goes on

  • Jeritrollllohic

    Yea im very sick of these articles too!! I really should stop clicking on them to read, but then id have nothing to moan, complain and whine about. but yea IWC represent!

  • hog316

    Nobody walks out on Vince! Vince walks out on people! If Punk really walk out on The Boss, I’m sure he would be fired and that would be the end of it. It would be public knowledge and not these flip flopping stories. I would think so anyway. Everyone’s replaceable. Although, he may be hired back in the future if this is the case.

  • Jeffrey Bolo Bolden

    Just call these people and tell them what you want already Punk. I’m a Punk fan too but I’m tired of every other article being about it.