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WWE’s Current Feelings on Signing “Smaller Guys” and Indy Stars, Recent Attendance Figures

– All three nights WWE was in Abu Dhabi last week, they drew packed houses of 5,000 fans. The WWE live event on October 12th in Providence drew 4,500 fans while the October 13th show in Philadelphia drew 6,000 fans for $300,000.

– Regarding signing new talents, there is no hard and fast rule but there’s a belief within WWE that they have enough “small guys” and the problem with business is there are already too many and not enough “big guys.” Unless someone is really good, WWE is not looking to sign small guys right now. They also don’t want to sign ROH guys right now but that doesn’t mean Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards won’t get picked up.

There’s a feeling that guys who work independents and travel and have somewhat of a name already have bad habits, and if they are at the higher level, if WWE signs them and even if they agree to take the pay cut to WWE entry level, that the talent won’t be happy over the long haul. It was also said WWE doesn’t want talents who know they can get fired, go back to the indies and be successful without WWE. They want guys with the impression that their careers in wrestling depend on making it in WWE.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


    Well look at ric flair they paid him and worked for another company but u cnt call then independent but wwe did everything for that man have always been by his side I mean judging by stories on here that whole thing with Jr getting fired because of flair should say it all they didn’t fire flair they didn’t say hey flair is blacklisted. That’s in there defense I guess. So it’s good to be in wwe and no independents after. Back in the day even Shawn Michaels weighed in at 235 so yeah there ate a lot of small wrestlers around and they have no cruiser weights anymore. And very few big men back in the day every other wrestler was a big man so that I can understand. With wwe the only major player u cnt blame talent for wanting to be there. And that bad habit thing is the whole reason HHH had that performance center built right so what the problem

  • Matthew Farrell

    Why the hell would anyone want to work for WWE after reading that?

  • And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why modern WWE is a joke.

  • Heritech

    Who wants to work for a company that one of their concerns is what you’re going to do when they fire you? Wrong attitude to have towards the people you’re relying on making the company successful.
    Outside of 2-3 of the “smaller” guys there’s nothing worth watching on WWE anymore.

  • drew

    yeah let’s blame it on the new talent’s fault that WWE is staying sales and there is no roaster depth and not on the fact that WWE has no drive to do better. They have no big threat out there to challenge them. They don’t want ROH guys because in their mind it will probably shine light on ROH and the WWE does not want that.
    Zach Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Ezikel Jackson, Tyson Kidd is back right?, heck even do a small angle where tons of funk break up and make one a heel. Brad Maddox is probably good enough to actually make it in the WWE, let Antonio Cesaro brake away from the Real American’s or at least make him go after a better title than the Tag Team Championship. Heck even Kassie Ohno people like around here could step up if you let him break through and not just hold him down so he doesn’t do well somewhere else.
    WWE just give any guy a chance. Remember TBK The Brian Kendrick, he was actually good. Yes the guy was a looser mentally and never could handle the pressure, BUT, given the right chance people, you know the employees you pay to not do much of anything, CAN step up and make you a lot of money just give them a chance.

  • Irishrhyno

    So not only will they not make that many new stars,they wont sign ‘new’ stars either?
    Im interested in where WWE will be in 5/10 years