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WWE’s Early Ideas For WrestleMania Involving The Rock, Undertaker, Lesnar & Ryback

With WrestleMania XXX taking place in less than seven months, WWE officials have had discussions contemplating the possibilities of matches involving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Ryback. However, many of their ideas hinge on whether Johnson decides to commit to the pay-per-view event—management are currently under the belief that he won’t.

Should Johnson decide to appear at WrestleMania for the fourth consecutive year, WWE officials are interested in renewing his 2002 rivalry with Lesnar, with The Undertaker placing his famed undefeated streak on the line against Ryback. However, should Johnson opt not to compete, the company’s secondary idea for Lesnar is to have him face The Undertaker.

WWE’s tentative storyline plan for The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX—should he decide to wrestle—would be for Paul Heyman to direct a large-framed wrestler to end the streak after CM Punk failed him the year before. The possibility of Ryback receiving this grand opportunity is also subject to his partnership with Heyman becoming an overwhelming success. Some people in management have even suggested that should they ever decide to kill The Deadman’s famed streak, Ryback could conceivably be the chosen one.

WrestleMania XXX takes place April 6, 2014 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.


  • Mike Wells

    You could say that about pretty much any HOFer that’s win all the belts. No one has beaten Taker at Mania, so why Jericho?

    Cena vs Taker would be the smartest move.
    Brock vs Rock would also be huge.

    But the Main Event has to be the WWE Title match. And that HAS to be CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan!

    Multi Tag Team Title Ladder Match would be great also. Mania has missed out on a MITB like chaos match since it moved to its own PPV. I’d go The Usos, Real Americans, Prime Time Players, The Shield, Tons of Funk (preferably in a new gimmick as I think they’d be a great tag team without the disco dancing!)

  • Man

    The Streak should NEVER end. Have The Rock face Brock Lesnar. The match would be better than Rock-Cena I, Rock-Cena II, Rock-Punk I and Rock-Punk II.

  • d_pooch

    I think it makes more sense that they might be setting up Ryback vs. Lesnar, since Lesnar is due to return someday, only to find that Heyman has placed all his chips on Ryback. The two will team for a while but there will be tension and jealousy that will lead one Heyman Guy trying to overthrow the other.

    I agree that Cena is the best pick to face Taker, and it keeps him out of the title picture.

    My picks:

    Cena v. Taker (non-title main event)

    Orton v. Punk (for WWE Championship)

    Lesnar v. Ryback (Heyman Guy v. Heyman Guy)
    *Bill Goldberg special guest referee

    Bryan v. Triple H

    Cody/Dustin/Big Show v. The Shield

    Del Rio v. Sheamus v. Christian v. RVD (World Heavyweight)
    *Sandow cashes in on the winner.

    Miz v. Wade Barrett v. Curtis Axel (IC Title)

    Ziggler v. Big E Langston

  • Jay Ess


    Relax! They said the same thing about Ted DiBiase potentially ending the streak and that never ever came close to happening.

  • JohnCena33

    Cena is clearly the ONLY option when it comes to Taker, personally I would like like to see Cena win by cheating. He would turn heel, maybe a surprise chair shot, then he ends the streak. WWE would have created the most hated heel ever. But that of course will probably not happen.

  • Jesus Christ. I remember years ago when WM was main evented by whoever won the Royal Rumble. When it was main evented by different people, and they went with DIFFERENT feuds every year. I remember WM19 being main evented by Angle vs. Lesnar. I remember Benoit winning out of nowhere at WM20, and he and Eddie being the two world champions of the company. I remember WM24 being main evented by Edge vs. Taker. For the last many years, it seriously has been the same old shit every single year. Wrestlemania weekend used to feel like a wrestling holiday to me and my friends. The event itself felt special, something we were always excited about. WM25 onward has seriously gone downhill, to the point that we don’t even get excited about it anymore. It just feels like another PPV.

    And WM should NEVER feel like “just another PPV”.

  • Prince

    Ryback beating the streak would be a travesty. I don’t have a problem with the streak ending, but Ryback has done nothing to deserve that honor.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    The only reason that would be not smart is bc that’s a huge thing to give such a small persona in the company.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    If anybody is going to “End the streak” it needs to be NOBODY pure and simple. John Cena would be to obvious of a win and would piss off fans . I mean look at who he’s faced; HBK, Triple H, Punk, Flair, etc Just have Taker never lose.

  • ddfindl

    The logical pick, whether they plan for Taker to lose the Streak or not, would be John Cena. He is the only one in my mind (other than how red-hot Daniel Bryan is right now) who should have the opportunity. They haven’t had a one-on-one match in God knows how long, and Cena is Cena… come on.

  • ddfindl

    Yes, they are stupid.

  • The_Shirker

    Are they stupid? It’s Mania 30. It should be Taker vs Cena. That is the big money match. Nobody wants to see Ryback fumble his way through a Mania match with Taker.

  • max

    Not falling for the “best for business” story they got going on, but actually being realistic. Does anyone really want to see the streak die? I can honestly say that in my heart I want to see a great storyline, and a very close match, but in the end I want to see Taker win. I really think that if anyone ever takes the Streak away that will be the day I become a TNA fan, hell i’d even go to Lucha Libre, i hope im not alone in that. Frankly, even if it was considered for anyone to take the streak, it would be a lost of money and ratings because lets face it, WWE writers today really suck. How could they benefit from the superstar that kills the streak, where would they go with it, nowhere. I don’t think it would even touch undertaker because we’d still continue to watch his matches or appearances. But they’d have to work 100 times harder to get fans to watch wrestlemania after that moment. Its not worth it to have taker ever lose at mania. If they ever wanted to kill it, it should’ve been during the American Badass days. Now as the deadman again, it shouldn’t be done.

  • Thumper

    Would rather have Jericho vs. Taker at WM XXX

    Jericho comes back for the one thing he’s never done in his HOF career…defeate the streak.

  • Craig Rowley

    I think the Taker/Lesnar match is a year or two to late. It had steam a few years ago but now I’m not feeling it. As for Ryback ending the streak, I don’t think it would help elevate him like it would others. I’d much rather see Bray Wyatt vs Taker and he end the streak. It could be great storytelling with the beginning starting with Kane and ending with him doing it to end the streak and take Undertaker’s power making him the new monster in the WWE. Just my opinion though, I’m sure it won’t happen but would make for a great Wrestlemania moment.

  • Irishrhyno

    Please not Ryback.
    Give it to Cena for all I care just not Ryback.

  • milkdud85

    Oh hell no ryback better not end the streak wwe is dum as hell thinking that ,taker should retire streak intact!!!

  • Diminish

    Really they think Ryburg should take the undefeated streak from Undertaker yeah Vince is really off his rockers now.