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WWE’s Feelings on Jinder Mahal, Russian Diva In FCW, Mideon, Flair’s Daughter

– Former WWE star Dennis “Mideon” Knight was in visiting friends at last night’s FCW live event in Tampa, Florida at The Bull.

– Diva-Dirt reports that WWE has signed a new women’s wrestler named Anya, who is of Russian descent. She was spotted with Ashley Fliehr Johnson and another new male signing at a weekend FCW live event in Melbourne, Florida. She bills herself as The Russian Bruiser and can be found on Twitter at @russianbruiser.

– Speaking of Ric Flair’s daughter, she is on Twitter at @AshFliehrJohnso.

– WWE officials feel that Jinder Mahal has the potential to be one of their top heels, which is part of the reason why he’s currently working a feud with Ryback.

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  • luckysalt

    Jinder…. a top heel? SHM


    You have Ziggler and Rhodes!!!

  • Jim

    Says it here guy who plays Hassan 100% Italian – cue the thumbs down from those in denial

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    I thought Hassan was half Arab half Italian?

  • Max

    well americans and canadians do share the same origins as the majority of them are descendants of british settlers and speak the same language.

  • Jim

    @ SYM he wasn’t pal there was nothing Arab about him he was about as Arab as George W Bush. Just type Muhammed Hassan Release into Google he even said he was Italian in an interview.

    I have a lot of Indian friends and saying they are Arabs is like saying Americans and Canadians are the same which we both know isn’t the case.

  • W.cares

    Dont people cheer the bad guys anyway?

  • SYM

    Hussan was a real Arab Jim. He lost his job in WWE because of it.

  • rko

    Jinder is East Indian.

    And the wwe failed with Muhammad Hassan. He was on his way up but they gave in to the pc machine. He was the scapgoat for the wwe’s idea of “beheading” on tv thus killing his career and his manager’s career.

  • Jim

    Most bigoted comment of the day goes to Loser.

    Mahal as a Canadian-Indian.
    Hassan was an Italian portraying an Arab.

    Not the same thing, not even in the slightest.

  • CC

    Since when is Mahal an Arab?

  • Loser

    BTW… why do all the Arab wrestlers have to use the Camel Clutch as their finisher?

  • Loser

    Muhammad Hassan > Jinder Mahal

  • poko

    @Eve’s left nipple

    No, that’s just how they do it in the WWE, where the top face is a superhero. In other times and other promotions, the heels spent most of the time on top, while the faces were the underdogs. This made for HUGE pops when a face character was finally able to break through.

    The Four Horsemen certainly didn’t lose constantly, and neither did the NWO, yet both were at the forefront of two of the greatest, most compelling runs in wrestling history.

    Personally, I like strong heels, and wish the WWE would stop making most of their heels look weak and cowardly.

  • Jericho4life

    if u Want him to Become a Top Heel .. U Should make him Feud with Cena or Punk !

    ( Punk was Pushed because of Cena as of Carlito and alot of Superstars )

  • Eve’s left nipple

    ^ Thats what heels are suppose to do…

  • SYM

    No one in WWE’s a Top Heel, because all the Heels lose to the Good Guys 24/7.

  • Jimbo

    Yeah, a few RKOs and a feud with the Big Slow will derail any potential top heel’s run.

  • Nick

    because that will turn him into a top heel. Dont get to excited Jinder, thats what they said to Rhodes and others. Where is Rhodes now? Missing 3 hour RAWS while fighting on NXT. Thats where.