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WWE’s “The Informer” Dishes on the Divas, Vince’s Parking Spot & More

– WWE’s website has a new article up from “The Informer”, a preview for his column in WWE Magazine. Here is some of what “The Informer” is “reporting” these days:

Which WWE Diva just dumped her boyfriend from Hell and now has a private eye spying on him to make sure he’s not stalking her?

One WWE Diva is notorious for not washing her ring gear. WWE has been on tour in Europe for more than a week, and we hear the offending Diva’s luggage smells like “hot garbage and cheap perfume.”

Which WWE staffer parks his Volvo in Mr. McMahon’s reserved spot at WWE HQ Mondays and Tuesdays, knowing that the boss is on the road?

One of WWE’s most masculine Superstars was overheard on the phone telling his significant other that he was looking forward to watching The Notebook with her when he got home. (Not only that, but we’ve every reason to believe that it’s his DVD.)

Which unfortunate Diva got stuck with the bill for a very late return and extra cleaning fees after her rental car had been reportly boosted from a rest stop in Georgia?

  • shawn

    just tell us who dammit! AAARHG!

  • voice of reason

    i think venom santino must have done something really terrible to place himself in the position of watching the notebook with his misses.

    as for the manky unwashed ring gear i’d hate to get a stinkface from nattie if she doesnt wash her ring gear.

  • venom

    I think Santino is going to watch The Notebook when he gets home.

  • Dave

    Well the rental car angle must be the supposed borrowing of Nattie Neidharts car by Eve a week or 2 back.