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Former WWE creative team member John Piermarini has started his blog (http://wrestlingrecall.blogspot.com/) in which he has released a ton of scoops regarding things that occured in the company during the two years he was employed. The blog has since been pulled (the Website does say it will be back soon) but we have managed to retain some of the things Piermarini said. Here is what he wrote about popular WWE star Christian and the company’s internal view of him:

“As much as it seems Christian turns into the fan favorite choice to win Money in the Bank Match each year it’s not going to happen. Christian is seen as a good hand that can help some of the younger talent and does not have a lot of support from higher ups to be a Main Event guy. Edge vs. Christian as a Main Event program has been pitched to death and rejected every time.”

“Before Christian was injured a story was being developed to turn Christian heel and work a program with Matt Hardy. The seeds were being dropped on Smackdown at the time Christian was injured.”

  • Mel

    Vince is going to do what Vince WANTS to do and still make money and that’s all that matters. He doesn’t care what the PEOPLE WANT.
    He’s “out of touch” and it’s time for him to “step aside”. LOL

  • Rich

    christian was good in tna and when he came back vince decided to put him on gay ass ecw..fuck vince mcmahon

  • oxslangshoot

    to be honest i was confused as soon as he come back to the e and was put on ecw..
    but i left it go..

  • Buttercastle

    Nobody wants to see Edge vs Christian. They wanna see Edge AND Christian.

  • Dave S.

    This Vince punshing him for leaving for TNA ,so he will keep him and do nothing with him so TNA cant have him back.

  • Ashlee schaffer bmw

    Ronald google wwe unforgiven 2001 and you will find that “program”

  • oxslangshoot

    blows, he should just ask for his release already

  • The Crow

    Are You Serious And The Miz is Champion material vince how about we try Drew McIntyre The So Called Chosen One The Miz Sucks Go Back to the Real World God Help Us If YOu Sign Snookie and oh ya F**k Off With PG No one Cares For It..

  • rick

    Maybe if Christian started taking steroids, Vinces opinion of him would change.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Scooter smells like Broccoli and Poop

  • scooter

    why is everyone so shocked? should christian be in the main event? absou-fucking-lutely but come on did anyone expect christian to get pushed?

  • http://mj380766@hotmail.com mj

    the rock put him over saying he was the future! wwe needs hep big time i they won’t listen! he doesn’t whine or complain like most and he’s only had one injury just 1 edge has had how may injuries? and he’s still in the main-event!

  • Ronald

    I think an Edge vs Christian program could work, but not for a major title. If it’s for the IC or US title, fine. If it’s just for bragging rights, okay. Hell… make it a crazy gimmick match perhaps (buried alive or hair vs hair would be interesting). I understand WWE not wanting it to be a major program, at least not one for the title, but it could definitely work.

  • Satan

    That’s why i didn’t want Christian to come back to WWE i know they would mis use him as crappy as TNA was they at least utilized Christian right he had some great fueds and matches in TNA with Kaz etc. which sucks because even if he left WWE for TNA again TNA is fucked with Hogan and Bischoff calling the shots he wouldn’t get used right either not like the first time around because they have “Jeff Hardy” now all must bow before him in TNA’s eyes.

  • d

    an edge vs christian program has been pitched to death and rejected everytime ? sheesh vince i’ve been wanting that fued since christian returned either fued or team up and win the tag titles and maybe make them relevant again

  • goonderblonggee dang

    Wow, edge looks fat and out of shape with his weak 2 year old power level spear, yet christian can’t get in the main event? no woner wrestling is dying.

  • Legend Killer

    What i dont understand is how almost everyone believes Vince makes the wrong decisions about things like this yet he doesn’t seem to realise it. There must be some reason for it that we don’t know about because it’s not logical for someone with that much power to go against all the fan’s wishes time and time again.

  • JC

    Vince needs to get in touch with the fans or get out of the way.

  • Harry Brown

    They’re using christian like they did Matt Hardy. Pretty soon, Christian will walk out on WWE an go back to TNA, where he will once again become a main eventer there.

  • marcum

    if they give him the chance they’ll see that he can do it


    poor poor choices if thats true.

    christian is a class wrestler who doesnt get the credit he deserves.

    batista said it best when he described christian as underutilized and underestimated.

  • http://www.wwehq.com/forum Greg

    Pretty shitty really, Christian is one of my favourites.

    Fuck you Vince give him a chance!


  • damkat

    that is because the WWE does not know how to use their Talent. It has been that way for years now!!

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