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WWE’s Latest Cryptic Video, Lilian Garcia Comments on WWE Return, More

– WWE has released a new Kevin Nash t-shirt.

– John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk is being advertised for the December 19th RAW Supershow in Philadelphia.

– Lilian Garcia wrote the following on Twitter regarding her return to WWE as a SmackDown announcer:

“Yes! It’s true!! All happening so fast! I am returning to WWE as the SmackDown Announcer!! So excited!! And video trailer out tomro! Big wk”

– Below is WWE’s new “Look Within” cryptic promo:

  • Ryan

    I have figured it out…it’s…VKM

  • adam

    I got it i finally cracked it we are all so stupid i figured out who it is REY MYSTERIO lol jk

  • adam

    @JJ wow that is pretty much the song if you combine all the promos that have aired so far. THat makes it pretty conving that its jericho or a pretty big coincidince i am hoping it is him.

  • J-J

    It’s Jericho. Check out the lyrics to ‘Wormwood’ from Fozzy’s album ‘Chasing the grail’. Same theme. It’s Jericho all over..

  • adam

    If the next video uses the word traglidiate or has them say and i am the best in the world then you will know who it is lol. But using the big words in this video i think was a little give away . As for karma i hope its not here and even though its playing during diva matches i just dont see them playing these kind of promos for her. Ya she could destroy stuff but no one has taken anything for her to reclaim it. Also when she is back no one in that divas division excpet maybe natlya will be able to beat her.

  • adam

    If its karma i think it will be a HUGE let down.

  • venom

    Maybe it’s Kharma.

  • adam

    @jay there is a slight possblity that it could be shane and steph even though its a long shot because of the fact that in each new video there is a boy and a girl in it which is kind of strange because what other purpose does the girl serve.

  • JAck45

    how come no one at all is mentioning that these promos are all around the diva matches??

  • WWE@Helms

    It’s obviously Mae Young!!!!!

  • Jay

    Its the Undertaker or Chris Jericho. End of story. Stop this guessing on who you think it is. Dont be stupid.

  • Joker

    I think its Jericho..even thought I would love for it to be shane coming back to reclaim what is his..which would be the company its his birth right..

  • Dan

    The return of Heidenreich? Coming to reclaim Cole after he abducted him before?

  • Mordecai

    Is it me or when the little boy is talking, I can hear a low voice saying “Deception, Deception”?…

  • Superman

    What person sees Kane don’t they realize they are two different promos we should be able to crack the code by now!

  • adam

    She didnt roll them up she closed them and were is anyone seeing kane in this video its just the two little kids. After this one i am starting to think even more that its jericho. Calling himself a prophet like he did before doing the whole look inside thing that was another thing in the code videos i think its him.

  • dominic

    @ kidKrock: A Mordecai return would be awesome!! His character was really good!

  • Titan

    Look at the girls’ eyes at the last second, she rolled them up like taker

  • Ryan

    @Raziel where was kane? lol

  • Treg

    Castigated? Definitely sounds like one of Jericho’s “big words”

  • Dave

    Anyone claiming this video is for anything else than the Undertaker is an idiot.

  • nick

    Kharma. here to punish sinner, look within …

  • Soulshroude

    January 2nd, yeah. might be another 3 hour special.

  • JIR

    Lillian Garcia on RAW would really work for me miss her voice made RAW feel better. Smackdown must be better for her schedule

  • Mordecai

    I emerge, ready to punish the wicked, to destroy the unrighteous, to turn the sin against the sinner. And you, the ones that can hear my voice, will be swept away in my fury! Hear me! Fear me! My day of reckoning has come!

  • KitKrock

    look within? hmm …. OMG!



    sigh it’s a shame this is for jericho because this would be an awesome shane o mac promo

  • Raziel

    Cryptic? Kane was actually in it. But I guess people are still confused.